30 Day Healthy Pet Food challenge

30 Day Challenge

Try the Raw & Fresh 30 Day Challenge!

Raw & Fresh are so confident of our products that we are offering our customers a 30-day Challenge. Just feed your pet Raw & Fresh for 30 days and if your pet doesn’t improve we will give you your money back *. Better still, for a limited time only you will get 20% off your first month’s supply. (* excludes cost of delivery)

Hear Mak & Ellie's pooch story!

"We have 2 boxers Mak (m) and Elly (f). Mak has always had skin conditions - weather it be spots under his coat, yeast infections or a red raw belly. We spent a lot on steroid creams, tablets, premium dog food, and even installed dog friendly grass. We got nowhere. We saw Raw & Fresh at a Better Homes & Gardens show and we took a sample and gave it to our dogs - and they loved it. So I contacted Raw & Fresh and ordered 45 kg of Raw and Fresh dog food.
I have been feeding them Raw & Fresh for a week now. Mak's coat has improved - he has no more oil on his back, no more dandruff, no more scratching. He's shiny and much more happy. As for Elly, her coat is softer than ever. So I would just like to say to all the people out there that are unsure - just do it. It made such a difference for me.
Thanks so much Raw & Fresh!" - Mitch

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Completely Australian owned and operated with all locally sourced products.
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