5 Reasons Why Your Dog Should Be On A Raw Food Diet!

We want you’re best friend to thrive and be the healthiest they can be! For too long we have seen sick dogs, unhealthy dogs, obese dogs, dogs with skin allergies, dental issues, poor coats, hair loss etc. The list goes on and on which is all often contributed by their poor diet!

Here are some of the reasons why your dog should be on a raw diet:

  1. Dogs have survived and thrived for thousands of years both in the wild and domestically before humans invented man made dry biscuits (kibble). During these times dogs ate other prey – animals, eating meat, bone, offal, tissue and organs.
  2. On a raw diet your dogs stomach acidity reaches its optimal PH level so they can process what they were designed to eat – Meat! Along with offal, bone and small quantities of vegetables. With an optimal PH balance in their gut, they are less likely to get sick!
  3. On a raw food diet, their coat flourishes as it is meant to, skin irritations often disappear due the food containing no preservatives.
  4. Their thirst is quenched! Raw food contains moisture which aid in hydration. When eating kibble due to the high amounts of starch and carbohydrate your pooch has a constant need to drink. This is why many owners report on a raw diet, their dog is not drinking as much water but still eating.
  5. Weight management – Your dog is meant to have a nice curve after their ribs, to often dogs are over fed and combining that with a high carbohydrate diet with low protein the dog has no chance of getting to a healthy weight.


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