Fussy eating tips!

We have all undoubtedly experienced some fussy eating when it comes to our pets. This can be just a once off experience or an experience that causes unwanted stress and anxiety to everyday feeding routines whilst trying to feed our pets.
We have a few tips when it comes to fussy eating!
Be Confident when serving the food – If you start feeling anxious or nervous about them eating the food you have given them, your dog/cat will also pick up on this and likely think, “what’s wrong with this food?” and therefore not eat it.

If your dog/cat doesn’t eat the food right away give them around 15 minutes and some space to consume it. If they still haven’t eaten the food after this time, remove the food and wait to feed until the next day (they won’t starve themselves). Your dog/cat needs to know who is boss when it comes to eating and sometimes a little tough love is required!

 A bad habit people often find themselves in is when their pet dismisses what they have given them to eat. The owner will then cook or gather some more food hoping that their pet will eat the new food, and so on the cycles continues where the pet continually refuses to eat and the owner keeps creating new gastronomic recipes  fit for a Master chef TV show!

If feeding raw for the first time you can lightly cook the food which releases more scent and coxes them onto the food.

Add sardines, not only are they super healthy and contain great essential fatty acids they also help fussy eaters get into the food from their scent also.


Be Patient – it takes time, practice and routine.

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