How Do I Clean My Dog's Teeth?

We'll make this one really simple for you.


People often think that kibble (dry biscuits) help clean our dog’s teeth, however, this is quite the contrary! It’s essentially the equivalent of us humans eating cookies and thinking that they will clean our teeth, as we all know, they don’t! Dental disease is one of the main leading illness’s in dogs today so when you smell bad breath, this is not normal! A dogs breath should not be smelly.

So why Bones?

When a dog chews raw meaty bones, the tissue and sinew (tough fibrous tissue) aid in removing plaque off the teeth and between the teeth. When they chew, it also provides a gum massage that increases blood circulation to the gums. Not only that, raw meaty bones contain essential protein, fats and calcium.

Bones are a great natural product as they have not been processed, filled with chemicals, preservatives, and coloured with dye to look like the colours of the rainbow!


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