Kidney Disease & Kidney Failure in Cats

Kidneys are a vital role in any animals anatomy. Basically, they are designed to filter the bloodstream and expel any toxins via the urine.

Kidney failure is pretty self explanatory and is when the kidneys start failing to do their job effectively and efficiently.

So why do the kidneys start to fail in the first place? There are a number of considerations to make and tests that would need to be done before your Vet will come to the conclusion of Kidney Disease/Failure, but one of the most important things to realize is the importance of a good species appropriate diet to ensure the greatest chance of life longevity is given to your kitty.

Cats are obligatory carnivores (meaning they need to eat a whole meat diet to get the essential vitamins and minerals they require for optimal health), and as such they and their organs are not quite as resilient as omnivorous animals and will usually show signs of suffering from poor diet choices much sooner than say a pet dog for example.

The most common serious health concern I see in pet cats today is Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). I have many people approach me with their kitties that have just been diagnosed with this and after some research are looking for a more natural way to feed their cat. We can make the change, but dependant on the severity of the condition, it is heart breaking for both them and myself when we sometimes discover it is too little too late.

I always implore people with cats or kittens to learn more about their fur friends nutritional needs and hope that they make the right cat food choices for them from the beginning or before a chronic illness is diagnosed.

Both you and your feline friend will thank you for it.


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