How to Feed Your Dog Raw Food on a Budget?

If you need to stick to a budget, then the good news is, feeding your dog raw food is not out of the question. We have several ways you can feed a full healthy raw diet on a budget!

1. Buy in Bulk

We have developed a bulk pet food range which reduces the cost of buying pre-packaged raw foods. Our portions come in 2.5kg cryovac packs. After receiving your pack or packs, you can then split the food into your nominated portion amount into a freezer bag/tupperware container and freeze for ongoing storage and use.

By feeding this way, you can not only feed multiple hungry mouths but also save too! As an example, you can feed a 20kg dog for as little as $2.50 a day on our Chicken Essenitials Range– cheaper then a cup of coffee! To reduce these costs even further, if you still wish to feed biscuits adding some plain meat to your dogs or cats diet this is still a great option for giving them 100% real fresh food to their diet. This can be done for as little as $1.50 a day for plain chicken mince for a 20kg dog.

2. Join our subscription! 

By joining our subscription you can receive a 5% discount ongoing for every order that gets placed on our subscription. Better yet, you can fully customise your order, select how often you would like to receive deliveries and skip or pause if you go on holiday with no lock in contracts!

 3. Save on Delivery Fees

Another saving tip is to order in bulk to save delivery fees. If you order over $100 its free shipping! We deliver all of our foods by refrigerated couriers so it stays fresh throughout the journey to your home.

For more information on our bulk range please visit our website or check out our bulk options below.


Check out our Bulk Range