Raw Food Myths Debunked

Let’s dispel a few myths!

Firstly, Dogs and Cats are completely different from human beings, very obvious I know... however, have you heard people say, “I certainly wouldn’t eat it, so my dog won’t either” Dogs/cats and Humans process foods very differently, did you know a small percentage of dogs and cats can harbour salmonella and be completely healthy? Did you know that dry foods can also contain salmonella? Did you know your more likely to contract salmonella through dry foods and treats then raw food?

Did you know that dry dog food can contain aflatoxins which stems from grains and can be fatal to your dog/cat?

So regardless of what we feed our dogs/cats, it all comes down to awareness and Hygiene! Wash your hands/ preparation areas and pet’s bowls with warm soapy water before and after serving them their food. Don’t allow infants or young children near pet feeding stations (salmonella is contracted through ingestion of contaminated food, not by touching it, however young children being children, often put anything that looks good at that age in their mouths, so supervise!)


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