Dog Care

Dog Care

Raw & Fresh also offers the option to have your pooch come stay with us and be part of our family whilst you are away. Holly is based on the Central Coast and Adam in Drummoyne, Sydney, so if you need your pooch looking after for a little while, get in touch.
All freshly made raw pet food is supplied for your pooch to devour as well as bowls, bedding, leads etc so all you need to bring is your pooch/es, unless you want them to have something special from home.

Overnight stays.
Spending a night or 2 away and can’t take the pooch? Or going away on holidays and stressing about it because of where your dog will be while you’re away? Can’t stand the thought of putting them into a kennel environment and not allowed to curl up and watch telly during each night? We can help! Feeding, walking, play time, treats, love, cuddles and the same sleeping arrangements as home 🙂
- $35/night + $20/night each additional dog
- 1 week plus $175/week ($25/night) + $140/week each additional dog ($20/night)

In addition to taking your dog for a walk or having them stay with us, we can wash your pooch. We supply all washing equipment, shampoos and towels. *Special shampoos can be used if supplied.
- $15/dog

Booking your pet & Contact Information
Please give us a like on Facebook ( or follow us on Instagram @eastcoastdogs. We are always putting updates of our customers on social media so it’s a great way to see how your pet is doing.
To book or if you have any questions, just give Holly a call on 04311 92 867 or email [email protected]
Payment can be made via Paypal, direct deposit, credit/debit card or cash.