Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Basics, Essentials and Deluxe ranges?

Our Basics range is chosen protein + offal (best suited for cats).

Our Essentials range is chosen protein + offal + vegetables (best suited for dogs).

Our Deluxe range is chosen protein + offal + vegetables + 1% of brown rice.

When does my order need to be placed by?

Orders need to be placed by Sunday Midnight to be delivered the following week.

Is this food suitable for puppies and kittens?

Yes, it is suitable to pets of all ages.

Can I feed this to my cat?

Yes, cats are obligatory carnivores so our Basics Range is best suited for them to include meat and offal with no vegetables.

How much should my pet eat?

As a general rule, pets should be eating approximately 2-3% of their body weight daily. This will vary depending on the dogs energy and activity levels. If your pet is overweight and needing to lose a few kgs, feed them closer to 2% of their body weight and give them more exercise. If your pet is underweight, closer to 3% should be fed.

We recommend feeding your dog their required amount over 2 meals per day as this is better for their digestion (and helps to avoid bloat in larger breeds) as well as it stops them scouring all day looking for food. If need be though, you can feed them in one sitting.

The biggest difference you will find with East Coast Dogs: Raw & Fresh is your pet feels fuller for longer. The food we provide is real food, unlike a lot of the kibble products full of fillers that your pet will pass very quickly, they wil actually digest Raw & Fresh, absorb all the nutrients from it, before passing a small amount.

Every 10kg that your dogs weighs, you feed them 250 grams of East Coast Dogs Raw & Fresh mix per day. (Please remember this is just a guide for middle aged, healthy dogs who aren’t pregnant or lactating, contact us for more info).

We recommend you feed your dog their required amount over two meals per day, although you can do it in one sitting if need be.

Raw Feeding Guide

Why raw?

Last time I checked, dogs do not (or any animal for that matter) just quickly pop their meal on the cooktop before devouring it, and they most certainly do not go down their local grocery store to pick the best bag of kibble – a preservative filled piece of grain that smells of animals due to the OILS that have been added, not meats!

Dogs in the wild eat their food raw, so why should it be any different for our canine friends that share our home? They do after all share the same digestion system. For as long as man and dog have been best friends, dogs have always eaten food raw, so why not now?

Dogs (and cats) over time, have become accustomed to the commercial foods we have put in front of them, purely out of our own convenience, but that doesn’t mean it’s become more healthy for them. Commercial dog foods are full of preservatives, colors (dyes), and salt. They have additives to make the food taste better so that the dogs will overeat. It is like humans living entirely on fast food. You can survive, but your body is constantly working overtime to discard all the garbage you’re putting in. You’d always feel tired and not able to be your best.

So why do people still feed their pets commercial pet food?

2 reasons:

  1. Advertising - In a nutshell, commercial dog food companies have the money and pull power to promote their products everywhere you look in the world of pets, of course people think they’re doing the right thing when you are following directions of the vet, little do they know a lot of vets gets kick backs
  2. Convenience - Let’s face it, in the past, it has been easier to buy your dog food along with the rest of your shopping at the supermarket rather than making that special trip to the butcher

Well now, thanks to Raw&Fresh, we have put the 2 together. All the health that comes with a raw food diet for your pet, the working out of portion sizes and essential vitamins and minerals, it’s all done and delivered to you!

What does BARF stand for?

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food. This is a common term you will see when talking about raw food diets for pets.

What are the offal ratios is your mixes?

We put up to 10% offal mix (in any of our blends that include offal), of this 10%, 50% of it is liver and the other 50% is split between kidney, pancreas and heart.

Do your minces have bone in them?

Our chicken mince has a 10% bone/cartilage ratio within it. Our roo and beef minces do not have bone mixed through.

Do I have to sign up to a subscription?

No. Our subscription service is just there for people who would like their regular order to be debited and delivered automatically (without having to log on).

Do I have to log on every time I order?

No. If you find you are ordering often but don't want to pay and store 3 months (for example) upfront, you are best ordering under the subscription menu. This way you can select what you'd like and how often you want your deliveries ie weekly, monthly etc and we will automatically debit you, make your food and deliver without you having to remember to log on.

Can I get a discount for buying in bulk?

Yes, if you are wanting more than 30kg of bulk bags delivered, please contact us for a reduced per kg price. Within the prepackaged menu, you will see a drop down tab to select 1 week, fortnight, month, 3 months.. As you select a greater amount (3months being the greatest) the price is reduced automatically.

Do I need to be home when delivery takes place?

No. If you cannot be home, we will leave your order in a styrofoam cooler box with ice packs to keep it cool and fresh*.

How much is delivery to my area?

We have a flat $8 delivery fee that is automatically added to your order upon checkout.

How long does your food last in my fridge/freezer?

Following our belief in fresh is best, we have zero preservatives, sulphurs or salts in our products, thus giving our products far shorter shelf life. We ask that the food is placed in the freezer inside 24 hrs of receiving the food, this is to ensure optimal freshness. The recommended ‘use by’ date is 3 months, although it can last longer, we feel that after 3 months freezer burn etc can occur and the food will not be as fresh once thawed.

My dog falls between the weight guides

If this is the case for your pooch we recommend you buy the weight range below (unless he/she is extremely active every day), eg your pooch weighs 25kg, buy the 20kg option then just purchase a kilo or 2 of RMB (raw meaty bones) eg chicken necks, cages, brisket bones etc and give 1 of these each morning as breakfast

Can I recycle the cooler box and plastic containers?

Yes. We always require the cooler box to be taken care of and returned to us. In regards to the prepackaged plastic containers, we ask people to wash them and send them back to us with the cooler box (or swap on delivery day) so we can reuse them where possible. Helping lessen our environmental footprint.

What day do you deliver?

Current delivery days are as follows:

Wednesday (made on Tuesday) = All of Sydney, including Northern Beach, Western Suburbs, Sydney Metro & Wollongong.
Friday (made on Thursday) = Central Coast, Lake Macquarie & Newcastle.
This can change in the future, but customers will always be notified via email of any changes.

I’ve just received my order, but some of it smells a little off?

Being a completely raw diet containing meats, offal and 0 preservatives (natural or otherwise), sometimes the product can get a little ‘on the nose’ for some of us humans. Don’t panic! If you’re really concerned about this, please contact Holly on 0431192867 to chat further about it, but I can assure you that all of our products are made from 100% fresh ingredients and delivered fresh. Please follow the ‘best before’ date and storage instructions on your products' label to ensure its freshness is maintained until consumed.

What is your delivery area?

We deliver from Cessnock across to Shoal Bay area, down through Newcastle, the Central Coast, all of Sydney down to Wollongong, including the Northern beaches and Western Sydney and everywhere in between.

What are the ratios of the offal?

Within the offal, we include liver for 50% of offal mix, and the other 50% is mixed between pancreas, kidney and heart.

Are there preservatives?

No. Our food is all 100% preservative and additive free (including ’natural’ preservatives). No sulphur dioxide in the meats either.

My dog seems to have ‘gone off’ the food of late.

This can sometimes happen and the usual reason is they are being over fed. Sometimes their recommended portion size seems quite small in comparison to what you have been feeding them of commercial foods. You must remember that this is REAL food that their body uses more of, therefore takes longer to burn off. Try lessening their portion sizes.

My dog doesn’t seem to be drinking water anymore.

Oh yes he/she is! With a raw diet, your pet gets more water from within the food itself. A kibble fed dog can never actually drink enough water to suppress its thirst due to the large sodium content, so you will notice a drop in their water intake once on a raw diet.

Why is my red meats (beef or kangaroo) more ‘bloody’ than my chicken orders?

Our food is extremely fresh, usually within a couple of days of slaughter. The red meats coming from larger mammals usually haven’t completely drained of liquids by the time we create your pet meals. We try our best to control the liquid amount, but it can sometimes get a little messy.