Feed a Rescue Pooch

Feed a Rescue Pooch

Raw & Fresh are big supporters of dog and cat rescue, and wherever we can, we like to not only help out, but help others to do so too!
So we thought, what better way than feeding some of the less fortunate pooches and pussycats than by making sure they have a full belly each night, no matter where they are!

How it works:

1. Choose the rescue group you'd like to donate to below.
2. Choose to make a one off or ongoing donation & the amount.
3. Fill in your details and donate.
4. At the end of each month, your donation will be tallied along with others for that rescue to turn into Raw&Fresh pet food at a wholesale rate.
5. We will make it fresh and deliver it to the rescue group for them to disperse amongst their animals in care.



feeds a small dog (5-10kg) for a fortnight or a big dog (30-40kg) for 1 week


feeds a small dog (5-10kg) for a month or a big dog (30-40kg) for a fortnight

Adopt, don't shop


feeds a small dog (5-10kg) for 6 weeks or a big dog (30-40kg) for 3 weeks