Hands Free Dog Leash

Make beach running a hands free experience with our Beach Runner Leash. Leave hands free for maximum running, holding onto another dog, drinking your morning coffee, or whilst catching up on those text messages!

After extensive beach testing with dogs of all sizes we added features to make the leash and belt super comfortable. Lining the belt with soft neoprene makes it comfy to wear and lining the handles with neoprene make it great to use. Using red neoprene lining makes the leash more visible too!

The leash can be used on its own as a standard leash or use hands free by attaching to the belt.

Our Beach Runner Leash is a little shorter than most on the market (because we actually tested it!) so you can run safely on paths and tracks and it helps train your dog to run by you side. If you need to pull your dog in quickly we have built in a restraining handle half way down the leash, also lined in neoprene, so you can protect your dog and have extra control when needed.

oh… and of course … it looks incredibly good!

  • Neoprene lined handles
  • Bungee rope section to absorb pulls and swerves
  • Extra control handle close to your dog
  • Neoprene lined belt
  • Quality soft black webbing
  • Belt adjusts from approx 60cm – 110 cm waist
  • Leash length is 120 cm
  • Use leash separately
  • Suits all sizes of dogs
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