Puppy Starter Bundle

Starter Bundle for Puppies

This bundle is ideal for a starter pack or maintenance for most puppies. It offers a complete and balanced option for an easy transition to raw feeding, with a great mix of products to keep them interested.

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This bundle contains the following products:

  • 7x Beef Complete. Available in sizes from 125g to 1.25kg.
  • 1x Green Lickimat Buddy.
  • 1x Chicken Bone Broth.
  • 1x Dehydrated Chicken Jerky.
  • 3x 50mL Yoghurt.

Bundle Sizes

You can choose a bundle size below, before adding to your cart, based on the size of your dog. Feeding recommendations are per day.

  • 125g for dogs up to 5kg.
  • 250g for dogs 6-10kg.
  • 500g for dogs 11-15kg.
  • 750g for dogs 16-20kg.
  • 1kg for dogs 21-30kg.
  • 1.25kg for dogs 31-40kg.

NOTE: Bundle product image shows 500g packs. Delivered packs will be according to the purchased size selected before adding to cart. Please check the chosen size prior to checkout.

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