Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy

Your privacy is very important to us and we want you to know you can trust us. Any personal details and information you supply to us for order completion, marketing or competition purposes is held with strict confidence and will not under any circumstances be used for other purposes.


Raw & Fresh requires orders to be placed via the website by Sunday midnight for the following weeks delivery. You will be emailed an order confirmation email which will include a delivery schedule, so please ensure you mark our email address as ‘safe’ to make sure you receive all emails from us. If you miss this cutoff time for ordering, it will be logged for the following weeks delivery. Your order will be delivered in full. It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure you have adequate freezer/refrigerator room for the amount of food you have ordered. 

Subscription service 

Our subscription service offers our customers an automated debit and delivery service. Customers can organise this by clicking the ‘subscription’ button as you enter our shop and then place the order and frequency you would like to be automatically delivered. If you have any queries about this, please contact us.

Customers are able to log into their profile at any time to edit their personal details as well as changing/cancelling their subscription order. Just do so by logging into your profile and you will find ‘my account’ at the top of the screen, from there you will see ‘active subscriptions’.

Cancelled Orders

Notification needs to be given to Raw & Fresh 72 hours prior to your areas ‘make day’ for your order to be cancelled and refunded if necessary. After this time, your order will be made and delivered as instructed.


Raw & Fresh will refund or replace any of their Raw & Fresh products if they are spoiled when received by the customer. Please contact us via phone or email to discuss this immediately. The product will need to be retained for examination.

Delivery Policy

Raw & Fresh currently deliver on Wednesdays and Fridays (depending on your location, see FAQs). If, in any instance, there is a change to your scheduled delivery day, you will be notified by text message and or email <24 hours prior.

You will be texted the week of your scheduled delivery with a reminder to leave your ‘cooler box’ and ice packs outside for us to exchange with your new ice-packed box. Bulk bags and PrePackaged are both delivered fresh. It can be left this way for up to 4 hours in a shaded spot. It is the customers responsibility to refrigerate/freeze the products accordingly after this time. Customers must also ensure that if you purchase bulk bags, it is your responsibility to split the food into your desired portions prior to the freeze by date which is stated on the bulk bag. 

Raw & Fresh packs individual containers by hand. Due to this, prepackaged containers and bulk bags will be filled 10% either side of the recommended serving size depicted on the label. We "spot check" the weight of the packages frequently to ensure we are supplying our customers with the correct amount. If your containers / bulk bags are more than 10% underweight, please contact Raw & Fresh and we will supply the missing amount.  

Being based on the Central Coast, we require customers from further afield areas such as Wollongong, Raymond Terrace, Nelsons Bay, & the lower Hunter to have orders of $50+.

Cooler Boxes

Our ‘cooler boxes’ are polystyrofoam boxes that are provided to you on your first delivery (unless you choose to leave out your own esky), along with ice packs to keep your order cool. We ask you leave these items outside on your delivery day in a cleaned state for us to collect and recycle. If they are not clean, they can not be collected due to food safety standards. In this instance, a $10 box fee will be charged.
If you forget to leave your box outside for us, we will leave your order in another cooler box to ensure its freshness is maintained. Collection of both boxes will then be expected next delivery day. If you damage the box to the point of unusable, you will be sent an invoice for $10 to be paid within 14 days.