We are family with 4 dogs and 3 cats. We have tried many brands of dry biscuits for our dogs and cats, 3 of our dogs have sensitive skin and stomachs and prone to skin rashes and up set tummies. We would regularly visit our vet and our dogs had to be medicated as a result, of their skin. We started feeding our dogs and cats, Raw & Fresh Raw&Fresh. Within a week their skin rash was improving and we had no more episodes of an upset stomach. By two weeks they had shiny coats and more energy. Our dogs and cats thrive on ECD, they are healthier animals all round and will not even eat dry dog or cat food anymore. We are extremely impressed with the service that ECD gives our fur family, and even going above and beyond when we forgot to place an order by Sunday night, much to our animals disguise. We highly recommended ECD to all friends and are dogs and cats are living proof that ECD raw and fresh is best for them. Our dogs specially love the reindeer antlers!

Amanda with LJ, Reggie, Lulu, Poppa, Tink, Milo & Oscar

Zelda was adopted from a local rescue who found her in a pound. She was very thin after having kittens at a very young age. Her fur was harsh and thin due to poor diet. After starting raw and fresh as soon as she came to her new home she began to gain weight immediately and her coat condition improved dramatically. She is now slightly cubby and super fluffy. Zelda is now very healthy and very happy young cat after only a few months of Raw & Fresh, Raw and Fresh.

Sherie with Zelda

Raw & Fresh are great! They ensure our dogs are well fed even though they are fussy eaters, make sure they are healthy and from their food our dogs allergies and skin no longer breaks out into rashes from commercial pet food! Can't fault them and Holly and Adam do an amazing job! Thank you for making our lives easier!


Raw & Fresh take the effort out of finding fresh and healthy food for my white German shepherd. Delivery is always on time and delivered freshly made. As an advocate for raw food only for my dog I cannot recommend this business more.

Odette M

Lexie loves it. First lot of food I've found my dog won't turn her nose at. Simple to order and easy delivery.

Jacob C

Can't recommend Raw & Fresh enough! I got some roo essentials for my dog who needed to lose weight and within only a few weeks, he's healthier than he's ever been! The fact you guys deliver makes it much easier and is super convienient! And most importantly, my pooch loves it! He hasn't liked raw roo mince I have bought in the past and even would throw it back up, but have had no troubles with east coast dogs mince! 🙂

Melanie C

Hi guys my name is Mitch we recently purchased 45 kg of raw and fresh food. A bit of background information to start we have 2 boxers MAK (m) and ELLY (f). Mak has always had skin conditions weather it be spots under his coat yeast infections red raw Belly my poor puppy has had it all we have spend heaps of money on steroid creams and tablets super strong horse steroid cream we even ripped up all of our grass and changed it to dog friendly grass I mean we did everything, we previously fed super premium dog food and we got nowhere. We saw east coast dogs at better homes and gardens show I think and to be honest I was sceptical about there pictures of before and after pictures but we took a sample and gave it to our dogs and they loved it. So after more tablets and steroid creams I had enough I said to myself IM GIVING MY DOGS TABLETS AND STEROID CREAM like seriously when have dogs ever needed these things. So I contacted east coast dogs and ordered the food..... I have been feeding now for a week and before I go on I'm not one for BS if you catch my drift , but Im telling you guys Mak's coat has improved all the oil is back no more dandruff no more scratching I mean the poor dog would fall over half stride just to scratch and after the 4th day no more scratching he is shiny and much more happy as for ELLY her coat is softer than ever and this is amazing because she is going to be a show dog. So I would just like to say to all the people out there that are unsure just do it made such a difference for me thanks so much east coast dogs

I can not thank Raw & Fresh enough for my happy and healthy pets. I have been feeding my pets Raw & Fresh pet food for over a year now, and have seen an amazing transformations in my pets overall health of each and every one of my many pets. The greatest improvement is with my now 6 year old mastiff Duke. Duke strangled keeping weight on most of his life. More so after surgery on his knee which limited his exercise and decreased his apatite to the point where he would not eat any commercial pet food only Raw & Fresh, Raw and Fresh. Since then he has maintained a healthy weight and is in the best condition he has ever been even now at 6 years old! Duke also has sensitive skin and flea allergy dermatitis. I can use all of Raw & Fresh Clean and Fresh products on Duke as well as my other pets with great results. As a professional pet groomer I would highly recommend Raw & Fresh Honey and Oatmeal shampoo and conditioner for any Dogs with dermatitis or sensitive skin.

Sherie with Duke, Astor and Luna

I have 2 Bull Terriers that have had skin issues in the past. But since being on Raw&Fresh, they’re both looking better especially my boy, Bomber, who is a big fan of the marrow bones. Just knowing that it’s fresh and preservative free is awesome, and delivery to your door even better. I have spent so much money on dog food trying to get one they both like and finally I have found it. Thank you Holly & crew. Keep up the good work!

Erin with Bomber & Smurf

Best product I've found. Customer service is top notch, and the products are always of fantastic quality. I have four dogs, ranging in ages from 7 to almost 15, and they are all doing super well - my oldest is showing no signs of slowing down, which I put down to being well bred and on a superior diet - I have Raw & Fresh to thank for his continued health - thank you Holly and staff!

Karen F

East Coast dogs Raw & Fresh pet food isn't just for dogs and cats. I have rats and ferrets that all love their Raw & Fresh!

Sherie with Narcissi & Tonks

Got our first delivery this week. I must say the food looks fantastic. The dogs loved it. Love the convenience of home delivery too. Thank you East Coast Raw! I'm sure we will not be changing brands ever again!

Karen M

Raw & Fresh are great,my fussy dog loves it and there is a good variety to choose from,its great being able to order fresh healthy dog food and get it delivered to my front door.

Lynda E

Would just like to say thank you for your amazing dog food.

Our dogs Roxie and Diesel absolutely love their meals, which contain the lot. The food is nutritious and very affordable.

Cheers from Mandy and Mick Diesel

1st delivery of RAW came this afternoon in time to defrost for dinner tonight. Beautifully packed. Quality of the chosen mixes, beef and chicken with offal & vegies, looks excellent. Turkey neck packages are excellent too. Looking forward to the reaction from the dogs tonight. Really happy to have the meals frozen and prepared. Thank you.


After being rescued from Mexico whilst on holidays, my wife and I came back to Australia with our little Josie in tow. She had a terrible start to life, but has now settled into coastal living and we’ve found that the Raw & Fresh diet from Raw & Fresh has helped her constant itchy skin and paw-licking tendencies to subside somewhat. So thank you!

David with Josie

I have been feeding the Chicken Essentials to my dog for some time - and with excellent results, especially his coat condition. He cleans his bowl every meal (and he used to be ho hum about eating when fed (high quality dry food). I love the convenience that ECD offers - prepackaged and delivered to the doorstep. Due to a health issue in my cat I have recently switched him over to their cat product so he can be fed raw vs a prescription dry diet. He is absolutely loving it - certainly leaving nothing in the bowl for the dog to clean up! His stools are more consistent and certainly less smelly! With luck the switch will show in his next test results too! Holly and Adam (and their team) are awesome to deal with - and very accommodating when it comes to disorganised customers(!!). They are right on top of any issues that pop up. Highly recommend RNF and their quality products.

Sarah E

Will never be going back to commercial food or spending the time and money to do it ourselves. The meals are delivered fresh to our door and ready for freezing.

Cheers again from Mandy and Mick Roxie

Ginger loves the new food and super excited at dinner time 🙂 Thanks Raw & Fresh Raw & Fresh!


We came across Raw & Fresh through a link advertised on a page I've been following for a while.

We have two little boys. Nelson, our handsome Aussie bulldog x and our cheeky rescue edition, Hank whom was due to be PTS in September last year. He came all the way from Wagga Wagga on a plane and has fitted into our family very well. Hank has demodex so needs a healthy diet to cope with this. Nelson on the other hand just loves eating and loves his fresh chicken mince from Holly and the team.

Their coats are beautiful and Hanks skin condition has not flared up since starting on his beef offal.

Great prices, delivered to your door. The bonuses are they are fantastic people.

The Hindes Hank and Nelson love it!

WOW! Our 3 dogs just love Raw & Fresh: Raw & Fresh. Well, they love all food but it's especially wonderful as my time has been freed up greatly.

Our dogs, a 14 year old rescue, Skip, my daughters 10 yr old pug, Zeb and the baby, 20 month old Springer Spaniel, Edith. The pug has only just joined us and was a bit poorly treated and very thin when he arrived. It is wonderful the progress he has made on your beef and chicken, he told me he has never had it soooo good!

Skip suffers pancreatitis and he has not had an attack, as the beef is so low in fat. Edith the magnificent Springer is looking very very healthy.

Thank you for your wonderful dog food and fabulous service.

Maureen 20 month old Springer Spaniel, Edith.

The pugs started on the beef raw food about a month ago and I am so impressed! My one pug no longer has itchy skin and red sore ears. Both pugs coats feel velvety (they were good before but now.... wow!) my little black pug is super shiny. They both love the taste and there is no fussing around the bowl at meal times like before!

Lache D

My pug Floyd has been on the raw food diet for a few months now. It has definitely helped with this diarrhoea - we tried multiple different foods before I was told about East Coast. We started on the chicken but now feed him the roo essentials, which he absolutely loves. This has helped enormously with his tummy problems plus his black coat is super shiny. I think it is cost effective and we are very happy with the product. Highly recommend them.

Lisa B

Before we discovered the lovely Holly & Raw & Fresh: Raw & Fresh, we thought a healthy diet would be expensive; grain free fish based biscuits every night for our fur baby. Big thank you to Raw & Fresh, you make it possible to eat really healthy & FRESH meals at an affordable price!

We absolutely love all the healthy and fresh vegetables cut up and mixed through, and we can't tell you how much we appreciate the delivery to the doorstep while we are at work.

Miss Betty absolutely LOVES the food and couldn't care less about all the healthy green stuff mixed under it :). THANK YOU! You're doing an amazing job!

XX Matt, Miriam & Miss Betty Miss Betsy

We have been using Raw & Fresh for dog food for about 5 months now. It was the best decision we've made in relation to our (almost 3 year old) Labradors health.

Since making the change, there has been a significant, noticable change in her digestion and she's no longer hideously gassy! I've also had compliments on how much healthier her coat looks since making the change! Holly and Scott are always a pleasure to deal with, friendly and always keen for puppy cuddles! Their passion and love of animals is shown in abundance! We don't have to wait around for delivery as they can deliver even when you're not home using their cooler boxes.

Payment is super simple, either cash or PayPal. We can also never run out of food for Lux as it's always delivered each week! Lux just loves "the food lady" giving big kisses and cuddles every time! We love being able to support local business and know that what we are feeding our fur-baby is healthy and nutritious! We recommend to everyone we know with a dog!

Jessica, Lux

Raw & Fresh are the best! My dog Loki loves staying with Holly and Scott, he gets so much love and attention, yummy organic food for dinner and there's always other dogs to play with.

It's the peace of mind that makes all the difference, updates and photos, professionalism and affordability that sets Raw & Fresh way above the rest.

Loki was recovering from an accident when I first had him stay with them and the attention and care provided was over and above expectations. I can't rate this service highly enough. I've used the long weekend stay, overnights and day visits when I've been working long hours and every time Loki comes home happy, content, exhausted and with a full belly of delicious home made food. Highly recommend them!

Cathy Loki

My German Shepherd Stella was having diarrhoea no matter what food and medication I tried. She was vomiting at least once a week, couldn't maintain a healthy weight and seemed constantly ravenous!

Since feeding her raw food from Raw & Fresh she had gained weight and no longer vomits or has diarrhoea. She is an extremely fussy dog and eats the food well. There is also a great variety of food options so I can change her food every week to keep her happy!

Bridget - Veterinary Nurse

I love this! One of my pups has a lot of food and skin allergies and this food has been amazing for her! This food gives them so much energy, it's great. Also wonderful customer service and delivered straight to your door. What more could you ask for?!

Carley T

Best dog and cat food l have been getting my dog food from you guys for a while and l can tell everyone that since we started my dog is so healthy now no more dog food from the shops or even the pet shops truly best food for my dog. I also started my new kitten with the same beef mince and she absolutely loves it . Her poop is so good no smelly poop at all even our dog poop no smell no diarrhea plus their fur is very shinny thank u so much

Bella K

Absolutely stoked to have found you guys. I can finally go on holidays and leave Jakiah and know she is in the best hands on the coast. You both go out of your way to make it a little holiday for her too when she's there and I would NEVER leave her anywhere else. Thank you both so much

Leah Patrick Jakiah

Paris who is a Border Collie cross Kelpie was seriously under weight, skin allergies, fur not the best and lethargic. After various tests, I put it down to the fact that she is thirteen going on fourteen. To my surprise after concuming your fantastic food she had started gaining weight, her coat is thick and soft again and she is very energetic again!

Thank you so much!


Great natural food for my beautiful Cavoodle - looks so much healthier and his fur is much softer for changing to this raw and fresh mince!

Thank you so much!

Debbie W

As a fur parent to 3 cats (2 with medical conditions) and a puppy I am definitly glad I've found them food from Raw & Fresh!! I've also started spreading the word so that all the animals I know can feel the love!!

Karleigh M

Want to mention that getting Ralph on to this diet has been the best thing for his health and it certainly has helped clear up his allergy problem and thankfully no more hair loss!

He is powering along as you can see! The East Cost food has been the greatest thing for him!


Hands down the best customer service I have ever received anywhere. I have three dogs who decided to be fussy about flavours after we set up a monthly subscription, Hollie has been amazing in helping me work out a plan that will suit all three. Not to mention the fact that the food is amazing quality and wolfed down by our pack. We switched to RNF after battling with my whippet's terrible skin condition, after months of medication and baths we were only seeing a small improvement. Since switching him from normal food to RNF we have only had one or two bad skin days. Couldn't be happier and couldn't recommend them highly enough. Peanut, Pretzel and Squid will be staying with Raw & Fresh for life

Maddie S

Switching my dogs to a raw food diet was the best decision I made. Both my dogs are now excited for meal time and gobble down all their food. Since changing to a raw food diet, my bull Arab has managed to gain weight and both my dogs are now happy and healthy. I would recommend Raw & Fresh to any pet owner. The food is reasonably priced and conveniently delivered to your door. The staff are always friendly and take their time in answering all you questions and getting to know your doggies. Thank you Raw & Fresh for providing this great service.

Thanks Beth

Our staffy had major skin allergies and we tried everything to fix her itchy skin but nothing worked, from changing foods constantly, seeing her suffer, to a vet trip nearly weekly! After a Google search for raw food recipes (I was willing to try anything!) we found Raw & Fresh! And thank god we did! Food is nutritious, healthy and has helped our staffies skin clear up (with no nasty allergic reactions) You have taken the effort out of getting her food prepared daily and she even eats a better diet than we do! Thanks Raw & Fresh, You have made all our lives much easier! Also the ongoing care and support you guys provide is outstanding!

Keep up the amazing work!

Love Shisa

Hi Raw & Fresh!

We wanted to say thank you and send a progress pic of how well we're doing now we've been on our raw diet through east coast dogs deliveries for over two months. As you know, it's been a constant battle to keep weight on us, with the right nutrition choices to also ensure our fur doesn't bald on our elbows and knees as well! Our behaviour also has a lot to do with our nutrition so we've been through a lot of expensive dry food prior to finding east coast dogs that hasn't had as good as an effect as our raw diet delivered every week has!

We've sent a then picture and then some now pictures to show you how gorgeous we are looking, the hair on our elbows and tell you how our mum is always so pleased with our behaviour now there is no preservatives in our diet.


Henry my Jack Russell x has been on Raw & Fresh for six months now, and he still acts as excited every day when the container opens as he was the first day! His coat is smoother and shinier, his skin allergies have improved, and his bowels are regular as clockwork. He is thriving on this food and gone are the days of trying to convince him to eat even the highest quality grain free kibble - he's never ever failed to smash his raw dinner in under a minute. Our only problem now is getting him to slow down a bit! I will also speak highly of Holly, Adam and the team - excellent customer service and a great product at a great price, plus delivery is always timely and super convenient.

Elle M

Am so happy I found out about Raw & Fresh!!! I'm a Naturopath by profession and wanted to make sure our fur girls were eating just as well as we do. Our Staffy loves her new food and looks forward to every meal and we have also managed to supplement our super fussy cats diet with some of the kangaroo - (we just haven't told her it's called Raw & Fresh!!!!) Plus I love that its delivered straight to our door and that it has reduced the amount of rubbish we send to landfill every week as all of the packaging is picked up and recycled. A big THANK-YOU to the Raw & Fresh team from Salomon the Staffy, Ivy the Ragdoll and their humans xxx

Holly K

After being recommended Raw & Fresh for our fresh dog food - we are in doggie heaven.... The service is brilliant, and incredibly friendly and they make you feel like one of their extended family. When delivering your food - they follow your directions as requested to make it easier on our dogs if we aren't home. And when we are home, Holly and the team will always stop and ask how the dogs are (and have a pat, and get the occasional lick) all with a smile on their faces. Our dogs are all healthy and happy, and that is the sign of a good diet - thanks to East Cost Dogs

So on behalf of Pumpit, Blister, Harry and Noddy - we want to thank you guys for your impeccable service and clean healthy food.


Sophie 15 and Finn 4months.

We switched to Raw & Fresh after our senior girl Sophie, 15 years young, had exhausted all other options to treat her terminal throat cancer. She had lost interest in life and it was very hard to watch her go down hill. Since changing her diet Sophie has found a new lease on life and is a happy dog again. She is interested in walks and has a bright new shiny coat to show off. I will continue to feed my fur babies a fresh raw diet after seeing the results for myself. Thank you Raw & Fresh for giving me my beautiful girl back.


Nitro & Padfoot

East coast dogs makes our lives so much easier. We love knowing that our dogs are getting good quality food, without the chemicals, fillers and other nasties. Padfoot and Nitro look forward to their dinner every night, they leave a puddle of drool as they patiently wait to chow down. The delivery service is reliable, ordering is easy and holly is always bright, bubbly, friendly and super helpful. We highly recommend east coast dogs to everyone with a fury feline or canine 🙂