Why Choose a Raw Diet for your Four-Legged Friends?

Did you know that 'pet food' was only commercialised around 100 years ago?

Up until this point they survived by catching and killing prey or scavenging. Dogs and Cats are carnivores so their whole diet consisted of meat, bone, skin, offal, and grasses. Here at Raw&Fresh we believe that even though humans have domesticated these animals we should still be feeding them a biologically appropriate diet, FREE from preservatives, chemicals and additives, the way nature intended!

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Hear Mak & Ellie's pooch story!

"We have 2 boxers Mak (m) and Elly (f). Mak has always had skin conditions - weather it be spots under his coat, yeast infections or a red raw belly. We spent a lot on steroid creams, tablets, premium dog food, and even installed dog friendly grass. We got nowhere. We saw Raw&Fresh at a Better Homes & Gardens show and we took a sample and gave it to our dogs - and they loved it. So I contacted Raw&Fresh and ordered 45 kg of Raw and Fresh dog food.
I have been feeding them Raw & Fresh for a week now. Mak's coat has improved - he has no more oil on his back, no more dandruff, no more scratching. He's shiny and much more happy. As for Elly, her coat is softer than ever. So I would just like to say to all the people out there that are unsure - just do it. It made such a difference for me.
Thanks so much Raw&Fresh!" - Mitch

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