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Is a Raw Food Diet Better for Pets?

In most cases, absolutely yes!

Our dogs and cats should be fed a diet that gives them the best opportunity to live a long, happy and healthy life.

With a passion for animals and years of experience, we crafted a completely balanced raw diet for many special dietary needs.

Our meal plans can be ordered online and are customisable for pets of any size, breed and age.

We make and deliver fresh, not frozen, so you know you're getting the best produce, straight from the farm! Not deep-frozen stock from the back of the freezer.

We offer wide home delivery coverage across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and most other regional areas in NSW, VIC and QLD.

Our BARF, or Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diets are loved by pets and give them every chance to thrive. Free of fillers, grains and artificial additives, Raw & Fresh pet food contains only the freshest ingredients, biologically suited to the nutritional requirements of your pets.

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Naturally Healthy

Bringing over 5 years experience creating the best raw pet food recipes on the market, Our BARF dog food is biologically appropriate, hormone and preservative free.

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New to Buying Pet Food Online or to Raw Feeding?

Our raw food starter packs contain one each of our protein types for testing your pet's preference and are ideal for your first order.

Many pet lovers across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane areas are loving the transition to raw feeding and they're seeing obvious health benefits after making the switch to raw food.

Don't take our word for it, ask some of our customers first:

Real People, Real Reviews

We're obsessed with the satisfaction of our customers and the health of their pets. Read real feedback below, or visit our Facebook reviews page to see for yourself!

Raw & Fresh provide great customer service, going above and beyond. Our ragdoll kitten has a sensitive stomach and unlike packaged food we’ve tried, Raw & Fresh has been consistently enjoyed. Her coat always looks so healthy. Big thumbs up!

Kate Barker - Facebook

I have a very fussy cattle dog who will not eat at all if she doesn't like what she is fed.

I've tried several other raw food diets but Raw & Fresh is the first and only food that she "wolfed" down without lifting her head from the bowl!

Sharon Churchin - Facebook

I recieved my first order today, 2x dog starter packs, reindeer antler and beef liver treats, delivered fresh and cold as promised.

I'm making the change to raw food and so far my lil' boy is happy
and so am I!

Shay Robertson - Facebook

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Order your fresh dog food or cat food online, or browse our entire product range to choose the right package for your four legged friend.

If you have any questions, our friendly advisors are more than willing to assist you. Just start a chat at the bottom-right of the page. We respond within minutes!

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