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Holiday Closure Notice.

Due to logistics and suppliers closing, we are closed from the 22nd December - 6th January.  Any orders placed within this timeframe will be queued for production and delivery the first week back beginning 7th January 2019.

Why everyone is switching to raw pet food

Yes! to essential protein, fats and nutrients
No! to preservatives, additives or chemicals

Raw Food Benefits

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Why not try our Starter Packs below? They are great as an introduction to raw pet food and it's already portioned out for your dog or cat's weight. It's that easy!

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About Raw & Fresh

Lexie loves it. First lot of food I've found my dog won't turn her nose at. Simple to order and easy delivery.

Jacob C

Raw & Fresh are great, my fussy dog loves it and there is a good variety to choose from, its great being able to order fresh healthy dog food and get it delivered to my front door.

Lynda E

Will never be going back to commercial food or spending the time and money to do it ourselves. The meals are delivered fresh to our door and ready for freezing.

Mandy & Mick

Why Choose a Raw Diet for your pet?

Did you know our pets have up until only 100 years ago had to catch and kill their own prey? Their diet was far more natural that it is today. They had to survive with what they could catch or scavenge consisting of only meat, bone, skin, offal and grasses.

With clever marketing, people began to buy into kibble as the only choice for our beloved four-legged friends. With the creation of ‘pet food’, people were replacing essential protein, fats and essential nutrients with things like grains, starch, fillers, preservatives and chemicals.

Why Choose Raw & Fresh Food for Dogs and Cats?

Believing that our cats and dogs should be given as much opportunity to live a strong, balanced and healthy life is key to the creation of Raw & Fresh. Backed with passion for animals and the belief that our pets shouldn’t have to suffer we developed a completely balanced RAW diet. Our meals are totally customisable for any size pet, breed and age and are made fresh one day and delivered to you the next!

5 Reasons to Feed Your Pet
A Raw Food Diet

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