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Christmas Dinner Jerky



Dehydrated Sardines



Dehydrated Venison Jerky


Novel Protein Treat

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100% Chicken Breast

Dehydrated Beef Liver Jerky


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Dehydrated Kangaroo Jerky


Lean Protein Snack

Dehydrated Kangaroo Chunks


Chunky and Lean

Dehydrated Kangaroo Ribs


Crunchy and Delicious

Dehydrated Beef Jerky


Hearty Aussie Beef

Dog Training Treat From Raw and Fresh: The Best Raw Dehydrated Dog Training Treats 

Shop our dehydrated dog training treats at Raw & Fresh and rest assured that you're only getting the best. We are Australia's raw dog food and dog nutrition experts. Our dehydrated dog treats are all natural, made from fresh ingredients and preservative free. From dehydrated chicken, to dehydrated beef treats, we have something for every pet's preference. We don't use any additives or artificial colours or flavours. Just all natural, human grade Australian made produce. By dehydrating ethically sourced raw meat, more nutrients are preserved resulting in a healthier dog treat!

Why Use Our Dog and Puppy Training Treats?

Did you know that dogs crave positive reinforcement just like humans do? It is a proven fact that the most effective way to train a dog is through positive reinforcement techniques. This means when you train your puppy using our puppy training treats as a reward for good behaviour, this will reinforce the behaviour and make training easier! Using dog treats will make the whole dog training process more fun for both you and your dog.

The Perfect Dog Training Treats for Effective and Rewarding Training Sessions

Training takes commitment and effort. The more you reward your dog for his good behaviour, the better they will respond to commands. And now you can do this without compromising your dog's health. Don't forget to check out our similar collections of healthy raw beef products for your pooch or for those who need it, why not order in bulk! We also have a wide array of treats for all animals.