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Raw and Fresh Dog Bones: Buy Dog Bones Online

Bones are a favourite treat for dogs and puppies, and make a great supplemental food to their raw food diet. They come with the added bonus of helping to keep their teeth clean and healthy. Our raw meaty bones are excellent for dental health and enrichment. Dog bones are also a great way to keep your dog entertained for hours on end as they gnaw and chew.

You can easily make your own bone broth for dogs using any of these raw bones. Bone broth is a wonderful, mineral-rich addition to a pet's diet, offering loads of health benefits.

Discover the Perfect Dog Bones for Your Furry Friend's Chewing Needs

Are you tired of your furry friend chewing on everything in sight? Look no further! Our collection of dog bones is perfect for satisfying your pup's chewing needs.

From durable bones for aggressive chewers to softer options for teething puppies, we have it all. Check out our roo ribs or Australian Red Dear Antlers these bones keep your dog entertained for hours, but they also promote dental health by reducing plaque and tartar buildup.

Don't let your furniture suffer any longer, explore Raw and Fresh's wide range of dog bones today and give your furry friend the perfect chewing solution they deserve. We also stock animal specific products such as raw food for cats and raw food for dogsDon't forget to check out our similar collections of raw beef or for those who need it, why not order in bulk!

How To Safely Feed Dogs Bones

Feeding bones to your dogs requires careful attention and supervision to ensure their safety and well-being. Some simple guidelines to follow include, always supervise your dog while they chew on bones. Avoid giving bones in small chunks that could pose a choking hazard if swallowed. Choose bones that are appropriately sized, ensuring they are almost as big as your dog's head. Lastly, cooked bones are a big no-no for dogs as they can splinter and cause serious harm. Learn more about giving dogs bones here.

How To Safely Feed Puppies Bones

Feeding bones to your puppies is a delicate matter that demand caution and supervision to ensure their safety and health. Always keep a watchful eye on your puppy as they gnaw on bones. It's particularly important to avoid giving them tiny bone pieces, as these can easily become choking hazards. Opt for bones that are nearly the size of your puppy's head to minimize risks. Remember, cooked bones are especially dangerous for puppies because they can splinter, leading to potential harm.