If you need instructions on how to apply discount codes during checkout, keep reading. Otherwise, feel free to continue shopping.

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Applying discount codes during checkout

This article assists with the application of discount codes during checkout.

  1. Discount codes are applied during checkout, after the cart summary page.
  2. You won't see your discount on the cart summary page, until to proceed into the checkout steps.
  3. Only one discount code can be applied per order.
  4. Some discount codes can only be applied once per customer.
  5. Some discount codes require a minimum spend to activate.
  6. Some discount codes only apply to specific products, not the entire order.

Discounts and shipping thresholds

IMPORTANT: In some cases, your discount will bring your order total below a certain shipping threshold. For example, if your order is $102, which qualifies for free shipping, then you receive a 10% discount, this will bring your order total below $100 and incur a shipping fee. To ensure you receive a discount as well as the best shipping price, make sure your discounted total is above the shipping threshold. These shipping thresholds are:

  • $15 for orders under $30.
  • $8 for orders $30 or over.
  • FREE for orders $100 or over.

Where will I see my discount applied?

You will be able to apply and see your discount once you have entered checkout, beyond the cart summary page.

The checkout steps are as follows:

  1. Cart summary page. You will not see your discount applied here.
  2. Customer information. You can enter your discount code at this step. In some cases, your discount will already have been applied for you via a special link. Once you enter your code here, your cart should refresh and you should see your code.
  3. Shipping: You will see your shipping costs at this step, based on your order total. Your order total is calculated for the shipping fee after your discount is applied.
  4. Payment: This is the final step for you to enter payment. You will also see your discount here.

How To

Where do I enter or check my discount code?

This is done after you proceed past the cart summary page into the first step of checkout where you enter your contact information.

Where to enter your discount code

How do I apply my discount?

You need to expand the discount field in the checkout and enter it into the field pictured.

How to apply your discount code

How do I know the discount has been applied?

The page will refresh and you will see the discount label as pictured. You will also see a discount line item under the subtotal, indicating the discount offered.

NOTE: Shipping is calculated at the next step, which may have a further impact on the total price of your order.

Where you will see your discount applied

How is my total order calculated?

Your order total is calculated in this order:

  1. Subtotal of products.
  2. Subtracted discount.
  3. Shipping fee added.

The total is inclusive of taxes.

How the order total is calculated

Of course, if you still have questions, feel free to open a live chat at the bottom of this page. We'd be glad to help!