Raw Cat Food

High-Quality Fresh Cat Food Delivery

Everything we make available is Australian-made and 100% natural raw cat food, with online ordering and delivery service! Get your cat back to the way nature intended with our selection of Raw & Fresh pre-packaged BARF cat food meals and snacks. We make the best food for cats and they seem to think so to!

Our company was founded around the passion of providing an online cat food delivery service everywhere in Sydney and Brisbane that focuses on traditional, healthy options for your cats and dogs. Browse our comprehensive selection that is sure to have raw cat food that fits every kind of taste.

Keep your cat healthy with a fresh and raw food diet

It goes against the nature of once wild animals like cats to eat food that isn’t at least similar to the prey they once hunted and killed – in other words, raw and extremely fresh. To prevent any unneeded extra’s entering your cats’ bodies, every single one of our BARF cat food meals include essential vitamins & minerals for optimal pet health, without the common fillers or additives like grains or preservatives. And for those picky eaters, we even include human-grade offal into our raw mince, because we know your cats deserve only the best in their food.

If you are a household without a cat or another pet running around, we also create meals for dogs! Dogs are just as in need of healthy, biologically conforming foods that are fresh and raw, and we have just us much of a selection as we do for cats available online and delivery around Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and surrounding regional areas.

Discover more of our BARF cat food delivery options

For additional information regarding the benefits of introducing our fresh and raw food into your cat or dog’s diet, specifics of our delivery process around Sydney, surrounding NSW areas, Melbourne or Brisbane, shopping for cat food online, or to make a general enquiry, contact any of our attentive staff today who will be more than happy to help. Call our offices on 0404 977 155 or email us at theden@rawandfresh.com.au.