What Benefits Will I See From a Raw Pet Diet?

What Benefits Will I See From a Raw Pet Diet?

A question that often gets asked is will I notice any differences to my dog or cat whilst on a raw food diet? People often wonder is the raw food AKA BARF diet a fad or craze? we are here to dispel the myths – inform you of the amazing benefits and back it up with customer testimonials!

Will A Raw Diet Help My Dog/Cat With Itchy Sensitive Skin?

Yes! Dogs and cats are biologically designed to consume meats, offal, bones and small amounts of vegetables. When dogs and cats are fed a diet they aren’t biologically designed to eat - namely a highly processed biscuits diet containing high amounts of starchy carbohydrates, meat and fat rendered products and synthetic vitamins and minerals its easy to see why our cats and dogs have so many issues including poor coat and skin sensitivities.

A raw diet can absolutely help with skin and coat issues as it doesn't contain preservatives or highly processed foods!

“My little guy absolutely loves this food! Since being transitioned to completely raw, there have been only improvements! He has more energy, his coat is extraordinarily fluffy, he never has bad breath, and he just loves it! 
I couldn’t recommend going raw with this company more, they have wonderful customer service and all products are easy to pick and delivery is perfect.” – Kristina

Can A Raw Diet Help With Joint Issues?

Another great benefit of a raw diet is joint and bone health! Good quality nutritious foods contain anti-inflammatory properties which elevate pain and help repair sore joints! Omega oils are also great to help with sore and painful joints.

“Great products and service, excellent user-friendly web site and ordering system!
Thanks to your products, we've seen dramatic changes to gut sensitivity/allergies in one of our dogs and joint inflammation/luxating patella in another.
Thank you for making nutritionally balanced & healthy food options accessible to busy working families.” – Allison

Can A Raw Diet Help With Stomach Issues?

Dogs and cats often face many stomach problems whilst consuming highly processed foods which can lead to diarrhea and vomiting. As dogs and cats are  biologically designed to eat meat and small amounts of organs and vegetables many of these problems can be alleviated through feeding a raw balanced diet. Our Raw & Fresh meals are designed to match how our pet’s bodies are designed to process food. Adding some yoghurt can also offer beneficial probiotics which help with your dog's gut health.

“Raw & Fresh provide great customer service, going above and beyond to help. Our ragdoll kitten has a sensitive stomach. Unlike packaged food we’ve tried from both the supermarket and the vet, Raw & Fresh Chicken Basics has been consistently tolerated and clearly enjoyed. Her coat always looks so healthy. Big thumbs up!” - Kate

Is A Raw Diet Good For Fussy Eaters?

A raw diet is great for picky fussy eaters! Dogs and cats naturally love raw food! They do so because they are designed to it eat it, its instinctual! If you find yourself with a fussy picky eater a raw diet can certainly help! If you have a fussy eater reach out to us for tips on the best way to improve their diets.

“My dog is the most pickiest cavoodle in the world, I have tried about 20 different brands of dog biscuits, freeze dried dog food, other brands of raw meat, I've even made him food myself. None have ever pleased him, until now. I buy the deluxe meat and he absolutely loves it. I add omega 3,6,9 oil and he goes gaga, I'm surprised he also eats all of the veggies in it. I definitely recommend this food especially for picky eaters like my little guy.” – Rebecca

Is A Raw Diet Good For My Pet's Teeth?

Often dogs and cats consuming a highly processed biscuit diet will have many teeth problems. The old saying of kibble cleans their teeth is completely false! – Dog and cats cleans their teeth by eating bones. The bones act like floss, the tissue and tendons from bones clean between the teeth which is great for oral hygiene. Raw diets also contain bone content which again cleans teeth.

“Took my dog to the vet for her desexing check up and overall health check and the vet mention how my pups teeth were the cleanest teeth he had seen! 
This is all thanks to Raw & Fresh with their fantastic product and bones that I feed my pup every day. Knowing I give my fur baby the best food for her growing body and seeing fantastic results, you couldn’t ask for anything better! 
Thank you Raw & Fresh” – Nicole

Can A Raw Diet Improve My Pet's Mood?

Many cats and dogs can also have mood swings just like us humans. A way to look at is if your eating highly processed foods that contain fillers, preservatives and additives it can often change mood swings from going to hyper to low mood. A good raw food diet helps with mood as its real food – it doesn’t contain preservatives/fillers and additives! Fresh whole protein also provides better sustained energy instead of spikes and lows from processed foods

“ My two love it. I buy bulk from you guys and add vegetables myself. 
My hyper aroused dog became so much calmer when we switched to your food. I do strongly believe that their food affect them. My foster puppies never have problems with their stools and have shiny, beautiful coats. We are your new customers but I am sure we will stay with you guys for a while now.” – Inga

For more information on about the benefits of a raw diet reach out to us on our live chat or email us at theden@rawandfresh.com.au