What is BARF Dog Food?

What Does BARF Dog Food Mean?

BARF, "Biologically Appropriate Raw Food," represents a nutritional approach emphasising natural, raw ingredients for pets. Advocates believe this diet mirrors what animals eat in the wild, promoting better health and longevity. By understanding BARF, pet owners can make informed dietary choices, prioritising the natural well-being of their furry companions. Exploring the benefits of BARF can be pivotal for holistic pet care.

What Is The BARF Meaning?

BARF is a diet that is based on the principles of evolutionary nutrition. DNA from thousands and thousands of years has shown us that dogs were once descendants of wolves. During these times, wolves and later dogs ate their food in the wild, No supermarkets or flashy-looking bags of pet foods out there! Dogs ate other animals and, in doing so, ate protein, fat, organs that contain high levels of vitamins and minerals and very little carbohydrates, which were often in the form of grasses and the stomach contents of animals they killed.

Only over the last 100 or so years have humans changed the diets of our pets are which now mainly consist of high amounts of carbohydrates (grains, wheat, rice, starches etc) synthesised vitamins and minerals, preservatives for extended shelf life, meat and fat by products (left over bones, tendons/ tissue unable to be used for humans) and all packaged in a nice shiny bag. One only has to question is this food actually good for our dogs? At present there is an epidemic of sick dogs of which up to 46% die from cancer and debilitating diseases.

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Why Should Dogs Eat A BARF Diet?

When you look at dog’s teeth, you will notice that they are sharp at the front, designed for ripping and tearing meat. Dogs have a short digestive tract which is another sign of a carnivorous animal. Dogs also have a natural drive to consume meat. Their anatomy shows us that dogs are a carnivorous species and therefore naturally designed to eat meat. This is why dogs should be consuming a BARF diet as its what they are designed to eat!

What Do You Put In A BARF Diet?

A BARF diet consists of fresh meat free of preservatives like beef, kangaroo (even kangaroo tails!) and chicken, fats, fresh offal (liver, kidneys, heart etc) and small amounts of fresh vegetables (spinach, carrots etc). Snacks and treats are often in the form of liver treats and bones for dogs. Yoghurt can sometimes be given for the added probiotics.