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All ingredients are sulphur dioxide and preservative free.

This product is classified as pet grade as it is trimmings from human grade cows that just have a little too much gristle to pass for human consumption.


Beef Basics Dog 125g
Beef Basics Dog 250g
Beef Basics Dog 500g
Beef Basics Dog 750g
Beef Basics Dog 1kg
Beef Basics Dog 1.25kg
Beef Essentials Dog 125g
Beef Essentials Dog 250g
Beef Essentials Dog 500g
Beef Essentials Dog 750g
Beef Essentials Dog 1kg
Beef Essentials Dog 1.25kg
Beef Deluxe Dog 125g
Beef Deluxe Dog 250g
Beef Deluxe Dog 500g
Beef Deluxe Dog 750g
Beef Deluxe Dog 1kg
Beef Deluxe Dog 1.25kg
Chicken Basics Dog 125g
Chicken Basics Dog 250g
Chicken Basics Dog 500g
Chicken Basics Dog 750g
Chicken Basics Dog 1kg
Chicken Basics Dog 1.25kg
Chicken Essentials Dog 125g
Chicken Essentials Dog 250g
Chicken Essentials Dog 500g
Chicken Essentials Dog 750g
Chicken Essentials Dog 1kg
Chicken Essentials Dog 1.25kg
Chicken Deluxe Dog 125g
Chicken Deluxe Dog 250g
Chicken Deluxe Dog 500g
Chicken Deluxe Dog 750g
Chicken Deluxe Dog 1kg
Chicken Deluxe Dog 1.25kg
Roo Basics Dog 125g
Roo Basics Dog 250g
Roo Basics Dog 500g
Roo Basics Dog 750g
Roo Basics Dog 1kg
Roo Basics Dog 1.25kg
Roo Essentials Dog 125g
Roo Essentials Dog 250g
Roo Essentials Dog 500g
Roo Essentials Dog 750g
Roo Essentials Dog 1kg
Roo Essentials Dog 1.25kg
Roo Deluxe Dog 125g
Roo Deluxe Dog 250g
Roo Deluxe Dog 500g
Roo Deluxe Dog 750g
Roo Deluxe Dog 1kg
Roo Deluxe Dog 1.25kg
Beef Basics Cat 125g
Beef Basics Cat 250g
Chicken Basics Cat 125g
Chicken Basics Cat 250g
Roo Basics Cat 125g
Roo Basics Cat 250g