Raw Feeding Calculator

Confused about how much of our recipes to feed your dog or cat? Not sure what to change as your puppy or kitten grows up? Our feeding guide calculator is suitable for dogs and cats of all life stages.

As well as the calculator below, we also have more details guides for common questions below:

Important Considerations

  • Feeding amount is listed per day.
  • If you're feeding multiple meals, just divide the daily amount by the number of meals you're feeding to get an approximate amount to feed per meal.
  • If you're feeding other foods as well, reduce the amount of Raw & Fresh you feed accordingly.
  • Make sure you consider the fat content of the meals. They have different energy contents. Growing pets benefit from a higher fat content, while some pets require a leaner diet. Read our dog food comparison guide to understand which recipes might be most suited to you.
  • You don't need to be precise to the gram and variety is good. Feed different recipes if you prefer and supplement with bones for dental health.