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Complete Beef for Dogs

From $2.90

The ideal starter recipe. Complete and Balanced for all life stages.

Roo Complete for Dogs

From $3.70

A lean, low-allergenic recipe. Complete and balanced for all life stages.

Roo Basics Cat

From $2.90

Lamb Complete for Dogs

From $3.60

Novel protein recipe

Roo Basics Dog

From $2.90

Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding for Your Beloved Pets: Shop BARF Pet Food

Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding (BARF) for pets is an approach to pet nutrition that focuses on providing a diet that resembles what animals would naturally eat in the wild. By feeding your pets raw, unprocessed food, you are giving them the essential nutrients they need to thrive. With no fillers or additives like grains or preservatives, our raw chicken meals for dogs and cats includes human-grade official and the options of vegetables and rice for pups.  Our collection of Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding products includes a wide range of high-quality meats, bones, and organs that are carefully sourced to ensure the best possible nutrition for your furry friends.

Discover a Variety of Delicious BARF Pet Foods for Your Pet's Ultimate Satisfaction

At Raw and Fresh, we have a large variety of different types of foods for your pets that are BARF approved. For dogs we have beef dog food, kangaroo dog food and chicken dog food. We offer a similar variety of raw cat foods for your feline friend too. Don't forget to check out our most popular collection of raw beef, or for those who need it, why not order in bulk!

Discover the Benefits of Biologically Appropriate Raw Feeding for Your Beloved Pets

Biologically appropriate raw feeding mirrors the natural diet of wild ancestors, ensuring optimal health for pets. This method promotes better digestion, shinier coats, increased energy, and fewer allergies. Embrace a diet that's evolutionarily consistent, offering your pet the nourishment nature intended. Witness transformative health benefits firsthand. Why not also check out our dog bones and ditch the artificial and processed treats and trade them in for a healthy dehydrated dog food treat