LickiMat Slow Feeders & Dog Bowls

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Our range of slow feeding bowls and feeding mats for dogs and cats from LickiMat will help your pets eat in a more controlled manner, aiding with indigestion and soothing them as they eat. These dog and cat feeding mats offer a whole range of health benefits for your precious pets!

Slow Feeding for Dogs & Puppies

Slow feeding dog bowls, mats and accessories can prevent dogs from gulping and scoffing their food, preventing indigestion and gastric upset. Speed eating in dogs can cause bloating and reflux, a discomforting condition that can also cause long-term health issues.

Feeding Enrichment

The texture of our LickiMat products assists your dog to eat slowly and savour their food better, without swallowing air. The shapes also help your dog navigate their food, providing entertainment and engagement at feeding time.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

Dogs will sometimes lick their lips and body when stressed or bored. Associating feeding time with positive emotions and the licking action will help your dog reduce this stress or anxiety. Coupling that licking action with something your dogs love (food!) gives them a great outlet for their energy.