LickiMat Cat Slow Feeder Bowls & Mats




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Discover the Lickimat For Your Cat Today

Looking for the perfect way to keep your furry friend eating correctly? These innovative pet enrichment mats are designed to help you with the difficult process of feeding your animals. Check out our range of LickiMat for dogs too and explore our collection today!

LickiMat Slow Feeding Cat Bowls & Mats

The LickiMat range of premium slow feeding cat bowls and mats will help pace your cat's eating, helping to promote healthier digestion for a healthier and happier cat. Made from high quality food-grade silicon, these bowls are non-toxic and will last for many years.

How Do Cat Slow Feeding Bowls Work?

These cat slow feeding bowls and mats have a special, textured design which allows your cat to navigate the bowl or mat, thereby encouraging them to slow down the pace of their eating. An added bonus is it provides longer lasting entertainment. You simply smear your Raw & Fresh cat food into the bowl or mat, and your cat will use it's natural ability to strategically eat the food.