Transitioning Your Dog To The Raw Food Diet

Transitioning Your Dog To The Raw Food Diet

Changing what a dog eats to quickly can often lead to diarrhoea. And to complicate that more, a dog processes raw meat and kibble (dry biscuits) very differently. Raw food is processed as a protein where kibble is processed as a starch. Raw food should at first be given as a small treat and watch how your dog reacts to it over a couple of days. If their stall is normal (no diarrhoea) slowly increase the amount of raw food with what they were eating before and monitor. If ever in doubt to your dogs health or wellbeing always seek advice from a qualified vet.

If your dog has eaten kibble for a long period of time, a slow introduction to raw food is essential. This may take weeks or months. Many dogs also can suffer IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and require further support from a qualified vet.

As Dr Becker puts it simply “I have a friend who claims she’s allergic to all healthy foods. Whenever she eats fresh fruits or vegetables, she has serious GI problems and must run to the bathroom if she consumes any type of fresh food. When she eats ice cream and donuts, she’s good. But when she eats fresh vegetables and fresh fruits, she ends up running to the bathroom.”

The same principle occurs in dogs. For more info watch Dr Beckers video or read her article here.

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