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Australian-made and 100% natural raw dog food which you can easily buy online and includes delivery right to your doorstep! Get your dog back to basics with our selection of Raw & Fresh pre-packaged meals and snacks!

Our suppliers are as committed as we are to provide the healthiest food options available online for your pet, embracing such foundational initiatives, like the BARF diet, to ensure dogs across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and the rest of Australia are receiving the sustenance they were intended to receive.

Biologically Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) diet for your dog

Before domestication, it was in the nature of dogs to hunt, kill and then feed from their pray, which would be nothing like the processed alternatives they are being fed in some homes across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and all around Australia today. The Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet or BARF diet (previously Bone and Raw Food diet) was established to reintroduce suppliers of dog food to their traditional way of eating, which included roughly 60% raw and fresh meat on bones.

Our raw dog food meals align with the BARF dog food philosophy and also include essential vitamins & minerals for optimal pet health. With no fillers or additives like grains or preservatives, our raw mince recipe includes human-grade offal and the options of vegetables and rice. Now you can please even those fussy eaters! Check out our newly launched Complete Raw Dog Food Recipe!

And it isn’t just the dogs of the world we care about, either! We order plenty of healthy, fresh and raw food choices from our suppliers conforming with the barf diet to cater for your cat’s diet, as well, with all options available to buy online.

Learn more about BARF dog food delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia

To learn more about the BARF diet, our fresh and raw alternatives as suppliers of dog food online, our delivery procedures throughout Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, and other regional areas, or to make a simple enquiry about buying our meals, every member of our passionate staff are more than willing to accommodate you. Please contact us by calling 0404 977 155, or leaving your details in an email to theden@rawandfresh.com.au and we will respond with an answer as soon as possible.