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BARF Prepackaged Raw: Buy Dog Food Online

Australian-made and owned, 100% natural BARF dog food that you can buy online for home delivery. Buy the absolute highest quality dog and puppy food from our online store. We deliver to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane Canberra and regional areas of NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT.

We source fresh produce from ethical suppliers, committed to feeding the healthiest dog food options available online for your adult dog or puppy. We have prepackaged recipes, BARF dog food, bones and treats available to create the best meal plans for your dogs.

BARF Diets for your Dog: Biologically Appropriate Raw Dog Food

Before domestication, the nature of dogs was to hunt, kill and then feed from their prey. The Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet or BARF diet is designed to provide meal plans to suit the natural feeding requirements of a dog's digestive system.

Our Basics and Essentials recipes align with the BARF dog food philosophy and also include essential vitamins & minerals for optimal pet health. Containing no preservatives, no fillers, grain-free and healthy, our raw mince recipes include human-grade raw meat and offal with vegetables and bone content for calcium.

Biologically Appropriate Raw Dog Food Varieties

Now you can please even those fussy eaters! Check out our newly launched Complete Raw Dog Food Recipe! Coupled with a slow feeder dog bowl, you'll have one healthy and happy pooch!

And it isn’t just the dogs of the world we care about, either! We order plenty of healthy, fresh and raw food choices from our suppliers conforming with the barf diet to cater for your cat’s diet, as well, with all options available to buy online.

Learn more about BARF dog food delivery in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and across Australia

To learn more about the BARF diet, our fresh and raw alternatives as suppliers of dog food online, our delivery procedures throughout Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane, and other regional areas, or to make a simple enquiry about buying our meals, every member of our passionate staff are more than willing to accommodate you. Please contact us by sending an email to and we will respond with an answer as soon as possible. Join our dog food subscription and save each month while getting your pet food delivered right to your door!