Diatomaceous Earth Powder For Dogs

There’s been a bit of hype lately about the use of harsh chemical products on our pets for flea and tick control. We are big believers in trying alternate and more natural methods first before (if needing to) turning to potentially toxic chemicals.

We have personally used Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth Powder on our pets for their flea and tick control for years with great success, which is why we recommend and offer it for anyone wanting to try an alternative parasite control method for their pets.

What is Diatomaceous Earth?

In basic terms, Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (or DE) is a type of rock that has been ground down so finely it actually looks like powder. When this rock is in this powdery form, although it’s safe for humans and pets, it’s deadly to insects including fleas and ticks.

How does Diatomaceous Earth for Fleas?

Essentially the powder will stick to the insects body and because it is so fine and sharp (almost glass like at a microscopic level), it actually cuts and pierces the insects (and their larvae) protective structures causing them to dehydrate and die.

Other pet related uses for DE.

Not only is this product great for external parasites, but it can be used to treat internal parasites as well. Ones such as roundworms, whipworms, hookworms and tapeworms are all effected by DE, but you must remember a few things when using it for internal use:

  1. It must be mixed well into wet food to avoid the inhalation of the powder (it’s to great for their lungs).
  2. We suggest including the recommended amount daily for a month to ensure killing all hatchlings and worms that can move in and out of the stomach in their cycle.
  3. DE is not as effective towards tapeworms and does not effect heartworm as that worm lives in the heart, not in the stomach, so alternative use for heartworm will need to be sought.

DE is also full of minerals such as magnesium, silicon, calcium, sodium, iron and other trace minerals, so there’s no wonder people don’t mind not only including it in their pets diet, but adding it to their own food and drink!

People are often skeptical that a natural product could be so effective. I suggest to give it a go and see for yourself, you have nothing to lose!

We all need to remember that no product, natural or chemical based is 100% effective for keeping parasites away from our fur-friends. Chemical based products rely on the toxin entering your pets bloodstream via the skin for the parasite to then bite your pet and suck the chemical out along with their blood that will then hopefully kill them. The idea of DE is that the powder will actually stick to the body of the parasite either before they are on your pet (by picking it up from its surroundings, bedding, yard etc) or whilst running through your pets fur looking for a spot to bite.

For people who aren’t completely sold on this form of parasite control, I often mention that even just using DE in the cooler months of the year, when the parasites are not as rampant and therefore your pet is far less likely to get them can be a good idea. You can not only avoid putting harsh chemicals on your pets unnecessarily, but can save a few dollars along the way!

*Remember if you’re wanting to give Diatomaceous Earth a go on your pets, be sure to obtain FOOD GRADE DE powder. There is a non food grade option as well, but that is for a completely different purpose, nothing to do with pets.


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