Domesticated vs Wild Cats

We all know that our now friendly feline housemates are descendants of their larger wild cousins. And that over thousands of years, humans have not only managed to domesticate these animals to live in our homes, but to breed certain traits into their DNA that you wouldn’t usually find in the wild felines.

Even though domesticated cats look vastly different to their relatives (size being the biggest contributing factor), they still share over 95% of the same DNA and the same biological setup. Meaning they still require the same diet as wild cats - tigers, lions etc.

I wonder how a wild cat would go being fed a bowl of dry pet food daily? Would you expect to visit a zoo or an animal sanctuary with big cats and see them eating a bowl of kibble? Hmm... which begs the question, if we couldn’t imagine doing it to the big cats, why do we feed our little feline friends this diet?

At which point did we decide to play Mother Nature and completely take away our pets choice and only give them one option to eat in order to survive? If our pets were ever to become separated from us and on their own in the wild, what would you expect them to eat? Considering they’d have to source it themselves?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself when thinking about preparing your kitties next meal.

Cats (domesticated or otherwise) are carnivores, obligatory carnivores actually, which means they can only get certain essential vitamins and minerals from certain carnivorous foods and cannot divert them from other foods. Which means if their diet is not fed complete and balanced, they will have deficiencies and suffer from them down the track.

It’s important to understand your pet as an animal first and foremost and their needs, not only physically, but mentally and biologically if you’re ever wanting to have the longest, healthiest and happiest life for your beloved fur friend as well as keeping them as your number one companion for as long as possible.

If you’ve thought it weird that you feed your cat a processed, preservative filled dry biscuit its entire life and expect it to thrive, then get in contact with us today at to discuss your kitties nutritional needs and start them on the right track with a back to basics diet.


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