What bones can I feed my cat or kitten?

Eating bones is an extremely important part of feeding any pet. It is vital for certain vitamins and minerals to be obtained as well as maintaining overall oral hygiene.

When feeding a raw diet, you have to put yourself in your pets paws and think ‘if they caught their own prey to eat, what size would that prey be?’ And in that, lies the answer to your question.

You need to think about how your cat will be eating the bone. How he or she will maneuver around the bone with their mouth to access all parts of it, into all the little crevices, getting to the marrow etc as well as using all teeth to do so, the canines, the chewing teeth (back) and even the little ones at the front.

Domesticated cats being on the smaller end of the size scale when talking carnivores with smaller mouths and teeth, would likely take down prey like birds, possums, rabbits, rats, mice or lizards to name a few. All these animals are small in size and thus so their bone structure.

From the menu at Raw & Fresh, the ideal raw meaty bone options we have that best suit a feline are chicken necks or chicken wings. Some larger options would be chicken cages, turkey necks, lamb necks or roo tails – these are all great options but being bigger would need to be split into smaller portions or taken away and set aside for next time.

Cooked bones should never be fed to dogs or cats as the cooking dries out the bones and they are far more likely to splinter when chewed. The then splintered bones can slice or puncture a pets mouth, throat or stomach.

Add a couple of kilos of raw bones to your next order, separate and freeze them and feed a couple a week if you can. You’ll find you have a happier kitty and less dental visits down the track!


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