About The Cavoodle Dog Breed

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The cavoodle is a relatively new breed of dog. It was created by crossing purebred dogs, the Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a poodle. This hybrid breed was developed in Australia to meet a need for smaller-sized dogs that are better suited to apartment living as well as warmer climates.

Cavoodles are intelligent, social, loyal, playful and energetic dogs that require minimal grooming needs. Often having long silky coats that come in many different colours including black, cream or white with brown patches, they can be part-time shedders which means less shedding hair cleanup for their owners.

A small to medium-sized dog that weighs anywhere from 5kg to 12kg, with a height between 25-38cm.

cavoodle dog breed

What To Feed A Cavoodle?

Like most dogs, cavoodles will stay healthiest and live the longest with a raw and fresh diet. This should include raw, human-grade produce from meat, offal, vegetables and bone content. They tend not to be fond of dry foods, due to their sensitive stomach, which is why most owners feed their dogs only high-quality raw meats to keep them at their healthiest.

A healthy diet should be complete and balanced for all life stages, providing all of the vitamins and nutrients needed for a long life. The best place to start would be to choose from a catalogue of complete and balanced dog foods.

You can also start from a base of BARF dog food recipes, with the understanding that a more advanced knowledge of balanced nutrition meal plans would be needed to provide the full spectrum of nutrients your dog needs to thrive.

For puppies, you should follow a detailed puppy feeding guide with a feeding chart that changes as the puppy gets older and grows. For adult dogs, our raw feeding guide will provide the daily amounts needed to keep your dog within the ideal weight range.

Cavoodle Grooming Tips

Cavoodles are one of the easiest dog breeds to groom. They do not require a lot of coat care and only need brushing about once every week or two, however their hair can get tangled around their toes which means they will be more prone to matting in those areas so you'll want to brush it there as well. You can take them to a professional groomer periodically, but frequent professional grooming isn't required.

Cavoodle Temperament And Training Methods

Cavoodles tend to be intelligent and easy to train. It's easy to develop an emotional connection with these friendly dogs. They learn very quickly so training sessions should be kept short and sweet, usually just five or ten minutes at most. Cavoodle puppies are eager to please their owners which makes them great for novice dog trainers! Fivebarks has some great training tips to help.

They are known for their friendly temperament and loyal disposition. They require minimal grooming and have long silky coats. As puppies, they're easy to train and eager to please their owners, which is why they rank among the most popular dog breeds in Australia today.

Activity And Exercise

Cavoodles are high-energy dogs that need a lot of exercise. They typically require daily exercise at least half an hour each day to run around, play fetch and stretch their legs.

Cavoodle Healthcare And Health Issues

As a relatively new and a hybrid breed, we know little about their specific health concerns. We do know that cavoodles can be prone to issues with allergies such as food sensitivities or environmental allergens from flea bites which can lead to skin problems and hot spots. A healthy, fresh, preservative-free diet can help avoid these concerns. Human grade raw food that's free of allergens will provide the best support for their immune systems as they grow.

Cavoodle Buying Guide

A cavoodle from good lineage can be one of the more expensive dog breeds, with some costing up to $2000. Most come from a well-bred lineage and are costly for breeders to produce.

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Detailed Information

Size Guide

Cavoodles can grow up to become toy or miniature sizes.

Toy cavoodles when fully grown, are up to 30 cm and weigh up to 5 kg. Miniature cavoodles are taller, reaching up to 38 cm and with weights up to 10 kg as adults. Small dogs will usually reach their full weight and height once they reach 12 months of age.

A puppy's parentage will be a good indicator of how big they'll get when they're older. If one of the parents is a toy poodle, the puppy will usually grow to toy cavoodle size. When one of the parents is a miniature poodle, the puppy will be generally end the size of a mini cavoodle.