Beef Menu Update for Subscribers

Over the last few months the Australian beef industry has seen record price increases after very difficult times. At Raw & Fresh we have seen our beef costs quickly double over the last few months and in recent weeks our primary producers haven't been able to supply any beef at all.

After prolonged drought and recent fires farmers stocks have been low which has caused the record increases. Although recent rains in some areas have been a relief to some farmers they are now forced to hold on to cattle in an effort to take advantage of the new feed and grow their breeding stock.

As a business we work closely with producers to make sure our sustainable supply chain is the best it can be both ethically and commercially so our customers can rely on our products being of the highest quality and great value.

What actions are we taking?

Over the last month we have spoken to a range of farmers and suppliers of beef to explore the highest quality options as well as the best prices we can secure to keep our food affordable at the highest level of quality that we expect as a company.

After testing (and even eating ourselves) beef from Queensland through to Tasmania we have selected a premium supply of human grade grass fed beef from Tasmania and Victorian Gippsland areas.

What is the impact to your orders?

Unfortunately after months of absorbing the record price rises and the cost of premium replacements we need to increase the prices of our beef meals.

Affordability has always been a core value of Raw & Fresh so this is a difficult decision for us. We have audited our whole process to look for savings and the good news is we wont be passing on the whole increase in beef costs . 

Basics Recipe

90% Australian Human Grade Beef + 10% Human Grade Offal 

 125g   $3.15    250g   $6.30   500g   $9.40

 750g  $12.40   1kg  $14.30   1.25kg  $16.95

Bulk $28.80 - 2.5kg

Essentials Recipe

70% Australian Human Grade Beef + 20% Fresh Vegetables + 10% Human Grade Offal

 125g   $3.10    250g   $6.10   500g   $9.40

 750g  $12.70   1kg  $14.90   1.25kg  $18.00

Bulk $30.35 - 2.5kg   

Deluxe Recipe

69% Australian Human Grade Beef + 20% Fresh Vegetables + 10% Human Grade Offal + 1% Brown Rice

 125g   $3.15    250g   $6.20   500g   $9.55

 750g  $12.90   1kg  $15.20   1.25kg  $18.55

Bulk $33.50 - 2.5kg


Plain Bulk Beef Mince $27.50 - 2.5kg 

What are your options?

As a valued subscriber of Raw & Fresh we will do all we can to make it an easy transition for you. We have created a form where you can easily let us know what you would like us to do and we will take care of it for you.

The options are:

1) Keep the beef products in your order and update pricing

2) Swap your beef meals for the same recipe with chicken

3) Swap your beef meals for the same recipe with Roo 

Click START below to let us know your choice

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