Raw & Fresh Raw Feeding Guide

How Much Should My Pet Eat?

Raw Food Feeding Guide For Pets | Raw & Fresh

The Raw & Fresh Feeding Guide For Pets

As a general rule, pets should be eating approximately 2-3% of their body weight daily.

As a general rule of thumb a guide of 250grams per 10kg of bodyweight is used. 

This will vary depending on the dogs energy and activity levels. If your pet is overweight and needing to lose a few kgs, feed them closer to 2% of their body weight and give them more exercise. If your pet is underweight, closer to 3% should be fed.

We recommend feeding your dog their required amount over 2 meals per day as this is better for their digestion (and helps to avoid bloat in larger breeds) as well as it stops them scouring all day looking for food. If need be though, you can feed them in one sitting.

The biggest difference you will find with Raw & Fresh is your pet feels fuller for longer. The food we provide is real food, unlike a lot of highly processed products in the market full of fillers/ additives that your pet will pass very quickly, they will actually digest Raw & Fresh, absorb all the nutrients from it, before passing a small amount. Learn more about a raw food diet for dogs here.