Raw & Fresh Affiliate Dashboard Guide

Congratulations on joining the Raw & Fresh Pet Food Affiliate Team. This simple guide will help you navigate your new Commission Dashboard and learn how you can earn the most money through our program.

Login To Your Dashboard

You can access your private dashboard by visiting https://rawandfresh.refersion.com/affiliate/login


  1. Enter your email you used to sign up
  2. Enter your password
  3. Click Login

Understanding Your Dashboard

How We Track Your Customers

There are a couple of ways to make sure that when you refer a customer you receive the commission on the sale. In section 1 highlighted in the above image you will see the two ways you can introduce your network to Raw & Fresh.

Your Link - This is your unique link to the Raw & Fresh website. When someone visits our website via this link our system will know they are one of your customers. If they make a first time purchase within 30 days of clicking the link your account will be credited with your commission.

Your Coupon Code - This is your unique coupon code that you can share with your network. When someone uses this code while checking out on our website our system will automatically give them 10% OFF their order and credit your account with the commission.

Ongoing Commission - After one of your referrals makes their first purchase their Raw & Fresh account is linked to your dashboard so commission on future orders always gets credited to your account.


Spreading The Word

One of the great parts of the Raw & Fresh Affiliate program is that you continue to receive commission on future orders by your network. Your payments will continue to grow as you add more people to your network.

The best way to earn more with Raw & Fresh is to promote the food on a regular basis and this can be done a number of simple ways.

In section 2 highlighted in the above dashboard image there are shortcuts to share your unique link on social media platform such as Facebook.

Sharing On Facebook 

You can share your link in a number of places on Facebook including your personal page, group you are in as well as Business Pages you manage.

After clicking the Facebook icon (f) you will see the following screen:

This post will automatically include your unique tracking line to the Raw & Fresh homepage. That means anyone who clicks on your post will be tracked against your Affiliate account (except if they have already purchased or been introduced by another Affiliate).

You Can Choose Where To Share The Post

At the top of the Facebook share screen you will see a drop down box (shown by yellow arrow in the screenshot) that gives you these below options:

Here you can select where you want the post shared.

Share on Your Timeline - This will post the image and link on your personal page that you are logged in as. A great way to share with friends and family who you have on Facebook.

Share on a Friend's Timeline - This will send the post from you to a friends Facebook page and be shown on their timeline. Great if you have a specific friend you want to let know about Raw & Fresh.

Share in a Group - Here you can search Facebook Groups that you are a member of and post your link to that group. This is a great way to refer people when you are a member of pet groups or other groups who would be interested in Raw & Fresh.

Share in an Event - If there is an upcoming event that is relevant to Raw & Fresh Pet Food you can post your link to the event group.

Share on a Page You Manage - If you manage a business page on Facebook you can select this option to share Raw & Fresh with your customers and let them know you have partnered with us. 

Writing The Best Comment

Its important to write a comment when sharing a post on Facebook. Remember Raw & Fresh might be new to some of the people seeing your post so you should add a little about what we do and the discount they get by using your coupon code.
An example would be:

"Raw & Fresh Pet Food provide fresh raw pet meals that are delivered to your door. They have saved me hours in the kitchen making the right meals for my pets and now i just need to get out a pre-portioned meal that i know has the best ingredients in it. You can try Raw & Fresh and get 10% OFF your first order by using the discount code "[enter your code from the dashboard]"


Sharing via Email

Another great way to start earning commission is to email your existing contact list and let them know about the great deal you have with Raw & Fresh. Don't forget everyone that uses your unique coupon code get 10% OFF their first order so it's a great way for them to try Raw & Fresh out with their pets.

If you are sending the email yourself don't forget to include your link and unique coupon code. The team at Raw & Fresh will be more than happy to help you draft the email and make sure that the correct link and coupon code are included.

Free Email Design Service

Raw & Fresh also offer a free email service where our design team will create a professional email with detail about Raw & Fresh and your affiliate details. To take advantage of this service email theden@rawandfresh.com.au and let us know.