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Health Benefits
Sourced From Nature

Helps calm and relax by supporting normal nerve and muscle function in dogs.

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  • Supports natural serotonin production
  • Maintains appetite during times of stress
  • Aids with reducing excitability and nervousness

Targeted Benefits

Build a Strong Nervous System
With ingredients like Magnesium and Tryptophan, this supplement can promote production of the "feel good" hormones and help reduce normal stress responses like nervousness.

Promote Calm Behaviour
Magnesium and Chamomile have been used to support normal muscle function and calm during times of stress or excitability.

Maintain Appetite
Turmeric aids in maintaining appetite, which is important during times of stress to help maintain a healthy pet.

Support Gut Health
Stress can have a negative impact on your pets gut health which is a concern because the digestive system makes up 70% of your dogs immune system so its the front line of defence. We have included prebiotics to promote a healthy gut and during prolonged periods you can combine with Raw & Fresh Gut Booster Supplement for additional benefits.

100% Natural Ingredients

We only use the highest-quality ingredients sourced from human-grade suppliers. Our ingredients are sourced from the same suppliers that probably supply ingredients for your own supplements.
No additives, preservatives or fillers. Our goal is provide the very best benefits sourced from nature.

Stress Less Ingredients:
Magnesium, Flaxseed Meal, L-tryptophan (Amino Acid), Psyllium Husk, Chamomile Extract, Turmeric, Natural Beef Flavouring.

Nutritional base for nutrient absorption:
Marine Calcium, Zeolite

Key Ingredient Information

  • Tryptophan


    Is an amino acid known as the building block for the “feel good” hormone serotonin, which can help to lower levels of stress.

  • Magnesium


    Is a natural mineral and flaxseed meal is high in Vitamin B1. The combination of magnesium and vitamin B1 may aid with reducing normal stress responses including excitability and nervousness when supplemented daily.

  • Psyllium husk

    Psyllium husk

    Is a plant-based prebiotic to support healthy gut microbiota during times of stress. 

  • Turmeric


    Provides essential nutrients to aid in maintaining appetite during times of stress.

  • Chamomile extract

    Chamomile extract

    Is an herbal supplement to support normal muscle function in dogs in stressful situations.

  • Marine Calcium

    Marine Calcium

    Calcareous Marine Algae (marine calcium) is a highly bioavailable source of natural minerals. It neutralises acid in the stomach, which assists in the prevention and healing of erosion of the gastrointestinal lining.

Dosage Instructions

Directions for use

Mix in with your pet’s food once a day. One level teaspoon is approximately 2.5g.

  • 5kg or less

    1/2 teaspoon

  • 5kg - 10kg

    3/4 teaspoon

  • 11kg - 20kg

    1 teaspoon

  • 21kg - 30kg

    1&1/2 teaspoons

  • 31kg - 40kg

    2 teaspoons

  • 41kg - 50kg

    2&1/2 teaspoons

  • Over 50kg

    3 teaspoons


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