Are Preservatives Bad For My Dog?

Are chemical based preservatives bad for my dog?

The short answer is yes! And if fed daily, over a long period, they can be fatal!

What preservatives are we talking about?

Pet foods and raw food products today may contain preservatives such as sulphur dioxide, sodium and potassium sulphite. Many dog rolls, commercial pet food, kibbles etc can contain these preservatives. The manufactures add these preservatives into their food to extend the shelf life of their product.

So why are these preservatives bad?

These types of preservatives can cause thiamine deficiency (Vitamin B1) which can be fatal. Thiamine deficiency can cause the brain to have a neurological breakdown.

Why do dogs need Vitamin B?

Vitamin B helps to convert food into fuel, it also helps to metabolize protein and fats. It is an essential vitamin for your pet’s health and wellbeing.

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