Does my dog need vegetables?

There is a general debate over whether a dog needs vegetables in their diet or not. If we look back long ago before humans developed kibble, dogs ate their food in the wild. They ate other animals which we all know consist of protein, fats, bones and offal. What we often forget is that the animals that were eaten by dogs in the wild generally always had vegetable matter in their stomachs which was then also eaten by dogs.

There are great health benefits from eating vegetables, they are loaded with fantastic vitamins, minerals and fibre. When it comes to feeding your dogs veg make sure it is finely chopped to aid in digestion and only allow about 20% of veg in your dog’s diet.

What veg should be avoided at all times – Onions, Grapes and raisins, Cherries, Rhubarb, Mushrooms, raw and green Potato’s, Apricots, apple seeds and Tomato Plants. Keep all of the above out of your dog’s bowls, if however, you wish to try a new type of veg on your pooch, seek advise and if in doubt ask your veterinarian.

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