What's The Difference Between Human Grade vs Pet Grade Meat

What's The Difference Between Human Grade vs Pet Grade Meat

You’d think it would be simple to read a label and understand what it means right? Well, when deciphering between Human Grade and Pet Grade meats, it’s good to know exactly what their meanings are and what to ask your supplier.

Human Grade

Human grade meats are, legally suitable for human consumption (edible). They are handled in a strictly monitored manufacturing facility with quality-control checks to ensure cleanliness and regulations are being adhered to. Licensing of these facilities is also a requirement by law and regular site inspections are conducted.  

Pet Grade

Pet grade meat is a far broader term and can mean from the worst case of rendered meat and fat products (meat and trimmings from processing plants) to fresh meat which by law has to be labeled as "pet food" by Food Authorities however is still fresh meat just usually older animal stock which has reached the end of its life span. 

Pet grade meats are often covered with preservatives including the extremely dangerous sulphur dioxide, to not only make it ‘stay fresh’ longer, but also to mask any unappealing smells to the pets.

Unfortunately, the pet food industry is not a very transparent one. Clever wording and marketing are easy ways for pet food companies to hide behind. It’s great to understand the questions that you should be asking when deciphering whether their products are right for your pet/s or not.

The best way to understand the products you’re buying is if you’re buying pet grade products and it’s not written why - ask the supplier! What makes their meats ‘pet grade’? and where do they source their meats from?

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