5 Tips to Avoid Fly Strike This Summer!

What is Fly Strike?

Fly strike, also called Myiasis is caused by flies that irritate and bite your dog’s ears. It often occurs near the edges of your dog’s ears however in extreme cases can be seen on your dogs face. The disease generally occurs in warmer months. It is very painful and if not treated at the first signs can lead to fly eggs being laid in the infected tissue and hatching into maggots.

What to do if my dog has fly strike?

As with any cases if your unsure of the health or wellbeing of your pooch, consult your trusted veterinarian. There are however a few tips to treating and preventing fly strike.

  1. Keep the infected area clean and gently wash with warm water and a mild antiseptic wash. Tea tree oil has also been used to aid in the treatment and has many antifungal/ anti viral properties.
  2. If it’s a hot day, bring your pooch inside away from the flies.
  3. Keep your dog’s area clean from any droppings or food scrapes that are likely to attract flies.
  4. Plant a basil plant! Not only can you use it in the kitchen, but its scent deters flies.
  5. Natural based fly traps are also available in stores such as Bunnings to reduce the amount of flies on your property.

Fly Strike is very painful for our pooches and animals so it is essential to do what you can to firstly prevent flies but secondly treat your pooch at the first signs of the bites.


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