What is a Meat By-Product? You Need to Know! It's Likely Your Pooch is Eating it!

What is a Meat By-Product? You Need to Know! It's Likely Your Pooch is Eating it!

Today we will discuss Meat by-products, and after reading this you will be seriously questioning what you are really feeding your pets.

What Is A Meat By-Product?

A meat-by product or animal-by product is the rendering down of all of the meat “left overs” which include, animal heads, hooves, bones, tendons and tissue. Basically anything that cannot be eaten is thrown into a huge pot and boiled.

After boiling the mixture up to high temperatures, the fat content rises to the top. This fat is removed by skimming it from the top of the boiled mixture and is classified as “Animal fat”.

The bones and remaining cooked meat “left overs” are sent to a hammer press and smashed into a fine gritty powder, which is classified as Meat by-product and Animal-by products.

This gritty powder is then manufactured into kibble (dry biscuits) and sold as pet food.

This is concerning because it is what you are feeding your pets (dogs, chickens, pigs, & cattle) when you give them kibble (dry biscuits).

Some of you out there might be thinking, “That probably just happens overseas.” Well, unfortunately it doesn’t and it is happening right here in Australia.

At Raw & Fresh we meet all food safety regulations and strive to give your pets the healthiest food as possible.

Any meat that we cannot use for health or hygiene reasons (e.g. it has fallen to the ground in the mixing process) is discarded by being placed into a meat bin. Under regulations this meat bin is then picked up each week and taken away to be “disposed”.

After doing our own research and speaking to our waste disposal supplier, we shockingly found that it in fact is being manufactured into Dog food and re-sold. This is alarming, as it gives a clear indication of just how little people know about what is actually going into their dog/pet food and where it is coming from.

For all the pooch and animal loving people out there, please look more closely at what you are feeding to your loved ones.

Processed foods are one of the biggest causes of cancer. Today, figures show that 46% of dogs and 39% of cats are dying from cancer, not only that, the risk of heart, kidney and liver disease dramatically increases. All of which could be preventable to some degree by being more cautious and educated about what you are feeding them.

You can make a huge difference in their lives, so make the change today!