What is in Grain Free Kibble?

Grain free pet foods have become very popular of late. This is mainly due to consumers believing they are purchasing a superior product and the increasing awareness that our pooches should not be eating a diet heavily laden with wheat and grains.

The misconception people often face on a grain free kibble is that this “new” diet is somehow “better” or “low-carb” for example without questioning what is actually in this food? Grain free does not mean carbohydrate free and in some brands of kibble, the carbohydrate levels can actually be higher then wheat and grain.

When a kibble is “grain-free” those grains are often replaced with potato starch, tapioca and other cheap highly processed carbohydrates. Again this doesn’t improve your pooches or cats diet as they are still eating a high carbohydrate, highly processed diet.

Our dogs are meant to eat a diet consisting of fresh protein (in the form of meat like beef or chicken), fats, offal and little carbohydrates (fruit and veg). This diet is also commonly referred to as the BARF diet meaning Biological Appropriate Raw Food. In layman’s terms, a diet solely designed for dogs in accordance with their species, instinct and nature.


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