Dr Karen Becker Explains A Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet

Dr Karen Becker Explains A Species Appropriate Raw Food Diet

Who Is Dr. Karen Becker?

Dr. Karen Becker is a renowned veterinarian and pet health advocate. She is a highly respected and sought-after pet health expert in the field, regularly appearing on television and radio shows, lecturing, and publishing books.

Her passion for improving the lives of animals has fueled her career for more than 20 years. Dr. Becker focuses on preventive health care, nutrition, and behavior modification, and has helped countless pet owners and veterinarians enhance the quality of life for their animal companions. She is the founder and director of the Fear Free Initiative, which seeks to reduce animal stress and anxiety during their veterinary visits. She is also the creator of the Healthy Pets Club, an online pet health resource. With her expertise and dedication to animal welfare, Dr. Karen Becker is an inspirational leader in the world of pet health.

The Basics Of A Raw Pet Food Diet

A raw diet consists of raw meat, fat, bone (mmm, think juicy marrow bones, kangaroo bones or chicken necks!), tissues, offal (liver, kidney, heart, pancreas etc) and raw vegetables. Raw feeding isn’t as simple as just feeding meat bought at the local shops, it’s creating a balanced diet that optimises your pooch’s or cat’s health and life!

Watch the You Tube clip below by Dr Becker as she discusses a raw food diet Part 1 of a 3 part series: