Why Feed a Raw Diet To Your Dog?

Dogs are biologically related to wolves and only differ by 0.2% in their DNA. Although wolves and domestic dogs look different, their internals and biological pathways are essentially the same.

A wolf's natural diet consisted of eating other animals. They eat the organs of their kill including the stomach and its contents, as well as eating the meat, bone, skin, and hide of the animals they catch.

It begs the question, why would it now be the case in this modern world that our domestic dogs should eat a diet consisting of highly processed, carbohydrate loaded food containing synthetic vitamins, minerals, fillers and preservatives? The answer is they shouldn’t. We've suddenly flicked the switch on a dog's preference for raw meat and replaced it with dog food kibble.

Dogs are carnivores and biologically designed to eat meat, organs, bones and small amounts of vegetables. They thrive on these foods – not just survive on the modern alternative of processed foods.

So Why Raw and Not Cooked?

During the cooking process, the heating process breaks down the cells of the food which removes essential vitamins and minerals from the meat and vegetables. This can often lead to a cooked food diet being inadequate for our pets as its lacks in the essential vitamins and minerals that they require.

Why Is Feeding Raw So Important?

You only have to look back in the last 80+ years to figure out why so many dogs these days suffer from terrible debilitating diseases. It is likely due to the food they are now consuming.

As we know too well from our own health and diet “You are what you eat” and sadly our pets are not consuming the correct foods they require.

There is nothing more satisfying then to see your pets thriving from a healthy diet. It shines through to their coat, their behaviour and their overall well-being. If you do not already feed Raw it is worth the switch, we can guarantee you will notice the difference.