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Why Raw?

Why Raw?

Long before humans developed Kibble (dry biscuits) Dogs ate table scrapes (human left overs) and before that, they caught their food in the wild – which they thrived on for thousands of years! During these early years, wolfs and their descendants – dogs, ate other animals. They ate raw protein, fat, organs and a small amount of vegetable matter often from the gut of the prey they had caught. They did not eat cooked meats or vegetables, and thus do not need to eat cooked meats and vegetables now.


So why Raw and not cooked?

During the cooking process, the heating process breaks down the cells of the food which removes essential vitamins and minerals from the meat and vegetables. This can often lead to a cooked food diet being inadequate for our pets as its lacking in essential vitamins and minerals.

After the cooking process removes these essential vitamins and minerals, they then need to be reintroduced into the food, however this rarely occurs and results in our pets being insufficiently fed the nutrients they require.


Why is feeding Raw so important?

You only have to look back in the last 80+ years to figure out why so many dogs these days suffer from terrible debilitating diseases. It is likely due to the food they are now consuming.

As we know too well from our own health and diet “You are what you eat” and sadly our pets are not consuming the correct foods they require.

In short, a Raw diet ensures that all vitamins and minerals remain within the food and no extras are required to be added.

There is nothing more satisfying then to see your pets thriving from a healthy diet. It shines through to their coat, their behaviour and their overall well-being. If you do not already feed Raw it is worth the switch, we can guarantee you will notice the difference.

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3 thoughts on “Why Raw?

  1. Hi – I like your site and products. Great work! I absolutely believe that the more our food looks like its natural state – the better it is for us. I have a question though. I realise that in long ago dogs only ate meat they caught. They had no choice and this was what was available to them. I am sure they had no idea what their body needed except by instinct. We also don’t know how long of a life span they had on this meat only diet (do we?) but we have come a long way since in our own nutritional education and we know now that our diets can be improved over what was available to us as cavemen.
    So – getting to my question. How much scientific research has been done on raw diets for dogs and it’s impact on their longevity. There are many claims on the benefits of different dog foods. Also – what extra nutrients – other than what is in meat and a few veg – to put them in top form?

    1. Hi Kim

      Thank you for your comment.

      In relation to scientific research there have been multiple studies over the years in relation to raw food diets. As with many studies, they are often down to peoples interpretation, bias and viewpoints, therefore you will find fore and against arguments.

      Our view is quite simple why we are pro raw food diets. Firstly, Dogs were descendants of wolfs (carnivores) DNA has linked this relation back to almost 15, 000 years. When you look at dogs teeth, you will notice that they are sharp at the front and designed for ripping and tearing meat. They also have a short digestive tract which is another sign of a carnivorous animal. As you mentioned with their instinct, they have a natural drive to consume meat. Their anatomy shows us that dogs are a carnivorous species and therefore naturally designed to eat meat.

      Another very concerning factor is that there is an epidemic of cancer and terrible debilitating illnesses dogs face today. One only has to question why is this now the case? We know that if we ate junk food day after day for the rest of our lives it isn’t going to be to healthy for our bodies. The same thing is posed to our dogs. Is eating a highly processed, high carbohydrate food, containing preservatives, meat by products, synthetic vitamins and minerals (however comes in nice shiny bright packaging) the best thing to be feeding our pooches?

      In relation to having your dog in top form. We recommend a food that is biologically appropriate for their bodies – Raw meat, Offal and small amounts of vegetables (some Veg is also toxic to dogs) Vegetables alone have a plethora of essential vitamins and minerals and best of all – its natural!

      I hope these helps Kim

      If you any more questions please write to us at [email protected]


      1. Hi EastCoast,
        Great reply and it makes sense. I think what I like is that there is just some common sense in feeding your dogs this food and mixing with some bits that are obviously going to be good for your dog (like sardines, an eggs now and then etc).
        Thank you for your response!

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