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The difference between Raw & Fresh and other raw pet food companies

You’ve probably seen the raw pet food craze that’s currently sweeping through Australia, and therefore more brands to choose from when selecting your pets next raw meal. So I wanted to quickly list out for you the main reasons why Raw & Fresh differs from other raw pet food suppliers.

  1. We’re Australian owned and operated and ALL of our ingredients are sourced locally.
  2. We make it fresh to order so you’re not getting stock that’s been sitting on the pet stores shelf for months before you buy it.
  3. We’re affordable. The core of this business has been based on all dogs and cats having access to a premium diet at a budget price.
  4. We’re the most convenient out there! Offering customisable balanced meals based on your pets age, size and breed, there’s something for everyone! We then home deliver it straight to your door! We even have a simple recurring order set up for customers that want to set and forget!

So, no more dashing to the shops last minute or running around here, there and everywhere to then go home and spend hours making your own balanced pet meals or even unknowingly purchasing non Australian sourced products that have been on the pet stores shelf for 1 year already!

Let us do the hard work for you and have your pets meals conveniently delivered to you every week, fortnight or month without hassle!


Build a custom meal for your pet

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