Why Does My Dog Scratch All The Time?

Scratching, it’s a part of life for all living beings. We just get itchy from time to time! But do you find your dog is scratching ALL the time?

This can be for a number of reasons, boredom or anxiety, hormonal imbalances, dry skin, parasites, but the most common hidden reason of all is ALLERGIES, in particular FOOD ALLERGIES.

Not many people realise but though dogs and cats exterior looks have changed over the thousands of years they’ve been around, their anatomies have not changed at all. Which means they still require a primarily carnivorous diet (completely carnivorous for felines). I’m not sure about you, but I’ve never bought a bag of kibble and inside was a fresh roo rack and fresh chicken necks for dogs waiting to be eaten!

Kibbles (dry pet foods) today are made up of primarily everything that cats and dogs are not meant to eat and most certainly not designed to thrive on! Corns, grains, potato, rice, wheat, cereal, tapioca are the cheap bulking agents used to make up the base of most kibbles and then some meat by-products are chucked in to give it meat flavour and the manufacturer is also able to label it with that meat by-product to fool people into thinking it has that meat in it.

In short, while your pet is resilient and can survive on these carbohydrate based ingredients as their diet, their body is constantly trying to break it down to get what little they can from it nutritionally. Eating this way means a lot of pets will face a FOOD ALLERGY in their lifetime and it will not go away unless their diet is changed to a more natural state.


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