Why is my Dog such a fussy eater?

A lot of us would have had this experience. You make a nice dinner for your pooch, put it in front of them and they turn and look at you with that look, “Is that all you’ve got!?” the next minute your whipping up something in the kitchen like Gordon Ramsey.

If this sounds familiar, don’t fret you’re not alone!

So why does this happen?

The main culprit is.. Us! – Humans

Many people think that our dogs need constant variety and changes to their menu so they don’t get bored with food, however, dogs will gladly eat the same food everyday for their entire life and love it! Remember dogs were once opportunistic hunters and were accustomed to eating what they could get. If your dog turns his or her nose up at the food, its “us” as humans who generally think, oh he will starve, I better whip up something else and this is where the problem begins.

The dog starts to think, well if I don’t eat this I’ll likely get something else! The pooch then gets excited about the new food and the cycle of refusing food continues as they will want to see what other options the owner will give.

Here are a few tips to stopping your dog being so fussy!

Firstly, place the food down and allow your dog to eat. If they don’t consume the food after 30 minutes, remove the food and pop it back in the fridge. Wait another 2 hours and try again. If the dog doesn’t eat again, take the food away and place back into the fridge. Wait until the next day and try again. Avoid using treats and stay strong! Your dog will not starve! Dogs in the wild can go days and days without food, your dog is not going to starve itself! There is a bit of “tough love” involved, however far out weighs the stress and drama of the latter.


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