5 Reasons To Swap To Or Include Raw & Fresh In Your Pet's Diet

5 Reasons To Swap To Or Include Raw & Fresh In Your Pet's Diet

At Raw and Fresh, we advocate a raw, wholefood-based diet for dogs and cats. The reasons for this are many and varied, and we've highlighted five of the top reasons you would want to consider swapping or including Raw and Fresh into your pet's diet.

1. It's Biologically Appropriate

Did you know your dog or cat is actually biologically set up to eat and digest raw foods (including raw meats)? Your pet will greatly benefit from naturally receiving all the necessary vitamins and minerals from this kind of raw food diet. This way, you don't need to worry about manually adding synthetic forms (which aren't as well absorbed by the body) back into their diet via supplements. To understand more about a biologically appropriate diet for your pet, read our blog post on BARF.

2. For The Health Benefits

The health benefits of a raw food diet for your cat and dog are many and can result in some phenomenal transformations. We constantly hear from customers sharing wonderful stories of their pet's health improving after feeding them Raw and Fresh food. Things such as coat quality, skin issues, allergies, arthritis, joint inflammation, and oral hygiene are just to name a few. In our modern times, we've lost connection with this nose-to-tail way of life, and as a result, so have our pets! Think about the goodness in a brisket bone or the nutrient density of liver treats - what's not to love from a dog's perspective?

3. Removes Unhealthy Ingredients

By including real, fresh food such as Raw & Fresh in your pet's diet, you have the confidence in knowing your pet isn’t being exposed to any unnecessary nasty ingredients which are commonly added to commercial pet foods. These common additives, such as preservatives, artificial colours, and flavours, synthetic additives or chemicals, can wreck havoc on your pet's health.

4. Complete Transparency

By choosing Raw & Fresh pet food, there is complete transparency with all ingredients that are used in your pet's dinner. We don't use fancy marketing jargon that makes it hard to understand or that is purposely vague to mislead you. Our ingredients are clearly labeled; just real food made in a way that’s nutritionally balanced for your pet to thrive.

5. It's Affordable

With the rising costs of pet food, budget dog food is usually high on most pet owners' lists. That’s why we strive to keep our prices competitive in the market without compromising on quality. We do so by offering pet owners the option to sign up for a subscription program or buy bulk amounts at discounted pricing.

With prices kept low, our main goal is to be able to supply high-quality pet food to most pet owners and help nurture healthier pets! By including a species-appropriate diet as part of your pet's eating habits, the ongoing health benefits will usually save you vet visits over time.

With the convenience of ordering your dog and cat food online and having it home delivered, it's a real win-win. Take it a step further and join our subscription service to save an extra 5% off each order. We also have bulk buy dog food options available which help you save.