Include Raw & Fresh in your Pets Diet

5 reasons to swap to or include Raw & Fresh in your pets diet

1. Did you know your dog or cat is actually biologically setup to eat and digest raw foods (including raw meats) and greatly benefit from receiving all the necessary vitamins and minerals from this type of diet naturally without having to manually add them back into their diet via supplements?

2. The health benefits your pet can benefit from by including fresh food in their diet can be phenomenal. Things such as coat quality, skin issues, allergies, arthritis, joint inflammation and oral hygiene are just to name a few.

3. By including real, fresh food such as Raw & Fresh in your pets diet you have the confidence in knowing your pet isn’t being exposed to any unnecessary nasty ingredients such as preservatives, artificial colours & flavours, additive or chemicals.

4. By choosing a brand like Raw & Fresh pet food, there is complete transparency with all ingredients that are used in your pets dinner. No fancy words that you have to look up to understand, just real food made in a way that’s nutritionally balanced for your pet to thrive.

5. In todays society, budget is usually high on most people lists. That’s why we at Raw & Fresh have strived to keep our prices competitive in the market! With prices kept low, our main goal is to be able to supply a decent high quality pet food to most pet owners therefore, healthier pets! Plus, by including a fresh species appropriate diet as part of your pets eating habits, the ongoing health benefits will usually save yourself vet visits over time.


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